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Core and Real-World Learning

The Structure of the Core Program supports the academic goals expressed in Elizabethtown College's mission statement. Core is fluid, with courses moving in and out of the Core Program each year.  Please use this web page for the most up-to-date listing of core offerings each academic year.

CORE Listings

Up-to-date information relating to CORE:

The above listings include New and Experimental CORE course offerings.

Elizabethtown College is committed to engaging its students in real-world learning opportunities that complement classroom learning and provide pathways to productive careers and lives beyond college.  All Elizabethtown College students will complete at least two Signature Learning Experiences (SLE) as part of their graduation requirements. In consultation with their academic advisor, students will select at least two of the following five Signature Learning Experiences: supervised research; community-based learning; cross-cultural experiences; internships, field experiences or practicums; and capstone experiences. More information can be found on the “Core and Real World Learning Requirements” form.

Calendar and dates

Calendars and Dates

Important dates and semester calendars.
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Downloadable Forms and Email Request

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