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  • Phone: 717-361-1409
  • Fax: 717-361-1427

Mrs. Deb Weachter
Records Coordinator | Directory

  • FERPA Forms Processing
  • Grade Changes: Letter to Letter and Incompletes
  • Personal Information Updates
  • Insurance/Enrollment Verifications
  • Grade Verifications
  • Audit and Pass/No Pass Cards
  • Insurance/Enrollment Verifications
  • Early Registrations (RBI, Pre-enrollments, etc.)
  • Transcript Requests (including SCRIP-SAFE® International  ordering service)

Mrs. Donna L Reppert
Registration and Scheduling Coordinator | Directory

  • Master Schedules and Classroom Assignments
  • Catalog Maintenance
  • Transfer Liaison & Late Matriculation Coordinator
  • Alternative Learning Registrations (IS, DS, Tutorials & Internships)
  • Course Waitlist Management
  • Visiting and Non-traditional Student Registrations

Mrs. Kelly Boutsikaris
Assistant Registrar and VA Coordinator | Directory

  • Commencement Planning (seating, diplomas, graduation lists, etc.)
  • Veterans Benefits Coordinator - Traditional College
  • Assists with Student Transfers & Late Matriculations
  • AP, CLEP, Challenge Examinations
  • Assists Registrar with Study Abroad Transcription
  • Census Reporting to National Student Clearinghouse
  • Transcription of Transfer Credit
  • Preliminary Check-In
  • Class Attendance

 Mrs. B. Beverly Schmalhofer
Senior Associate Registrar | Directory

  • Registration and Records Office Manager
  • Applications for Readmission to the College
  • Junior Evaluations, Senior Reviews and Final Graduation Clearances
  • Coordinates Committee Updates for the College Catalog
  • Academic Calendars and Final Examination Schedules
  • Registration and Records Website Management
  • Degree Audit (aka Grad Report) Manager (including Program Substitutions/Waivers)
  • Early Participation (Commencement) Petitions
  • Transfer Student and Transfer Course Evaluations
  • First-Year Student Orientation Scheduling Coordination
  • Manages technology for JayWeb, Preliminary Check-in and Student Registration
  • National Student Clearinghouse Reporting
  • Provides reports upon request.
  • AP, IB and CLEP Credit Evaluations
  • Online Registration and Forms Processing (Overloads, Course Repeats)
  • SCRIP-SAFE® International Transcript Ordering Service Facilitator.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Rider
Associate Provost/Associate Academic Dean and Registrar | Directory

  • Interpretation and support of academic policies
  • Academic Standing Committee including petitions for policy/requirement exceptions
  • Academic integrity issues
  • FERPA education and compliance
  • Oversight of course schedules to support academic programs and student progress
  • Evaluation of international transcripts including study abroad courses
  • Institutional Reporting, including IPEDS and Middle States
  • Academic department research support
  • Experimental Course (170/370) Approvals (Departments)
  • Summer Sessions: May Term and Online
  • Title IX Coordinator
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Downloadable Forms and Email Request

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