Meet the Stamps Scholars 

Meet some of E-town's finest- recipients of the Stamps Scholars Program. These students truly exemplify our motto of being a "bigger part of the world" and they are living out their dreams through the Stamps Scholars Program.


 "The generosity and reputation of the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation was a significant 
factor in my decision to attend Elizabethtown College. I am excited to reap the benefits of the program
over my four years and maximize my collegiate experience."
- Gates Failing '16

Tyler Butkus '17, Chemistry and Business Administration

Tyler ButkusMy name is Tyler Butkus, and I am a Senior Business Administration and Chemistry double major. My passion is finding the intersection between entrepreneurial opportunities and technological advances ready to be implemented for the greater good. More specifically, I'm interested in promoting grassroots social entrepreneurship in developing communities as a means of generating long-term, sustainable, exponential growth. I believe that an interdisciplinary approach to business is at the heart of success and innovation in the 21st century, and I look forward to using my dual study of the sciences and businesses to catalyze ventures that represent the incarnation of capitalism and Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand." To that end, I have served as Treasurer of my class, I've initiated and piloted an unprecedented partnership between Elizabethtown College, the Social Enterprise Institute, and a local business in developing a novel method for food waste recycling that has applications in developing economies, and I remain highly involved with the college's Called to Lead program, which prepares students for a life of purposeful servant leadership. Outside of the classroom, I compete in power lifting on the national level, I enjoy rebuilding muscle cars, and I spend a good deal of the time outdoors, both hunting and hiking. I've recently traveled to the Czech Republic, South Africa, and Indonesia to broaden my global perception, learn new languages, and experience firsthand the communities and cultures that can most benefit from investments in social enterprise. I believe the future holds endless potential, and I'm excited to work as a pioneer in finding new solutions to problems that have gone unsolved for too long.

Nicolas Callahan '17, Economics and Philosophy

Nick CallahanWhen I first moved to Elizabethtown for college, I had never lived in the US before. I went to high school in Thailand and lived in several other countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe before that.  Given my background a lot of people wonder why I chose to attend a small school like Elizabethtown. I knew I wanted to go to a smaller school with a more personal atmosphere like at E-town; I also knew I wanted to continue to do programs that let me travel. With the freedoms the Stamps Scholarship Program would allow me, the choice was easy. I studied abroad in Marburg, Germany during my junior year where I will continued my studies in Economics and Philosophy.  I also be travelled to Brussels in May 2015 as part of an economics course.


Tiana Ferrante '17, Legal Studies

Tiana FerranteMy experience as an Etown Stamps Scholar has given me a multitude of exciting opportunities, from meeting a Nobel Laureate to teaching children English in the outskirts of Florence, Italy. I'm a Legal Studies major from Florida, and I've been actively involved on campus as Copy Chief for the school newspaper, The Etownian, President of Etown College Republicans, a member of Called to Lead, a board member for Jay Firm Public Relations, a DJ for the student radio station and a member of the Newman Club, through which I organized a "Diversity of the Pro-Life Movement" event. Thanks to the Stamps Program, my study abroad experience in Florence was entirely funded by the generous Stamps endowment. After Italy, I was thrilled to work as a legal intern with the Social Enterprise Institute here on campus, perform legal research with Dr. Kopko and intern in the summer with a law firm back home that handles probate, estate planning and guardianship cases. I'm extremely grateful for all the opportunities made available to me at Elizabethtown and Italy through the Etown Stamps Program. Grazie--Thank you!

Sarah Fuller '17, Early Childhood Education

Sarah FullerBeing a Stamps Scholar at Elizabethtown College is an honor that has allowed me to make the most of my college experience thus far.  At Elizabethtown, I am studying Early Childhood and Special Education and am pursuing research in international special education.  I am president of the Council for Exceptional Children, a member of the Education Organization, and a mentor for Moving Forward Together, which pairs Elizabethtown College students with students from the Milton Hershey School. I also give tours to prospective students as a Jaywalker and choreograph for Emotion.  Being a Stamps Scholar has enabled me to explore my career interests, as I spent the summer after my first year doing neuroscience research at Vanderbilt University.  I was able to spend to a semester abroad and to complete my research in international special education, and I arranged to return for a second semester to complete an internship in a related field. I thank the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation for the many opportunities to challenge myself and pursue my interests.

Winsum Chang '18, Biology

Winsum ChangAt Elizabethtown, I am majoring in biology. I am a member of Medicus, the ski club, and I take part in the community choir. I am taking piano lessons and participate in a weightlifting program with help from my fellow Stamps Scholar Tyler Butkus. I am also practicing Cantonese kung-fu at the martial arts club.  The Stamps Scholarship has given me so many opportunities. Now I can explore parts of the world that are utterly different from Elizabethtown with the enrichment funds. I was able to use my Stamps enrichment funds to travel to Japan for a May-term course in 2016. I have a community of fellow Stamps Scholars at my residence hall, at Student Senate, in the Honors Program, and even in the gym. Though I can explore the world, I can do it knowing that I always have a community with me.


Gillian Engelbrecht '18, Social Studies Education

Gillian EngelbrechtBeing a Stamps Scholar helped me make one of the best decisions of my life: coming to Etown! Now, I am a sophomore Secondary Social Studies Education major, French and History minor, with the hope of becoming a high school history teacher after grad school. At Etown, I participate in the Called to Lead program, the Honors Program, College Bound mentoring, Circle K, where I am the editor, and InterVarsity, where I am the social/outreach coordinator. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of the Stamps family, and for that I will be forever grateful. Already, the scholarship has given me the chance to go to Atlanta for the Stamps Scholars National Convention to meet and learn with Stamps Scholars from across the country, as well as get to know my fellow Etown Stamps Scholars better. It has also given me the ability to have a summer internship with the Baltimore Education Research Consortium (Summer 2015), and the ability to study abroad in Aix-en-Provence in Spring 2016. I can't wait to see where else being a Stamps Scholar will lead!

Lacey MacRhyann '18, Biochemistry

Lacey MacRhyannAt Elizabethtown College, I am majoring in biochemistry with the goal of becoming a medical doctor. I am a member of the College's Chemistry Club, as well as Newman Club, InterVarsity, and the Honors Program. I am a representative for the freshman class in student senate, and I recently began participating in the Called to Lead program to encourage further development of my leadership skills. I plan on becoming a mentor for incoming freshmen in order to help them not only adjust to their new life at Elizabethtown, but also learn how to make the most of their college experience.  The Stamps Scholarship has provided more opportunities for me than I can list. Without the help of the Stamps Leadership Scholarship Program, I would not have been financially capable of making the decision to come to such an amazing school as Elizabethtown. Having been a resident of the state of Washington all my life, I have always wanted to learn more about the East coast, and the scholarship has contributed greatly in allowing me a chance to do so. The Stamps Scholarship Program is, and will continue to be, a very important factor in the further development of my education, my leadership ability, and my personal growth.

Colby Schweibenz '18, Biochemistry

Colby SchweibenzI have really found a home away from home here at Etown. This year I am the President for my class in Student Senate, a member of Called to Lead, chemistry Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, and the Honors Program. I am a tour guide as well as a Peer Mentor for first-year students. I have participated in several intramural sports including tennis, basketball, and volleyball. In addition to majoring in Biochemistry, I will also obtain a minor in Spanish and look forward to studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country later in the fall of my senior year. I loved attending the 2015 Stamps Scholars National Convention at Georgia Institute of Technology, especially because of the great opportunity to network with Stamps Scholars across the nation. Also thanks to the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, I was able to get a jump-start on undergraduate research the summer after my first year at college. As part of E-town's summer research program, I worked with the college's professor of Biochemistry, Dr. Thomas Hagan. I worked on developing a procedure to synthesize Giant Unilamellar Vesicles (GUVs), which one day may be used as pharmaceutical delivery devices. I used some of my Stamps funds to travel to Honduras during last winter, where I helped run a medical clinic with some of my peers in the Biology and Chemistry departments. Later in the spring, I attended and presented at the national ACS Meeting in San Diego. Finally, this past summer, I spent 10 weeks performing cellular biology research at Rowan University's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. My goal was to identify a specific protein responsible for site-specific cleavage of yeast mitochondrial mRNA. Thanks to the Stamps Foundation, I was able to have all of these memorable and educational experiences.

Brian Stottler, '18, Computer Science

Brian StottlerIn the fall of 2014, I joined the ranks of Elizabethtown College's Stamps Scholars. My interests lie mainly in the areas of computing, mathematics, and engineering, with my major currently declared as Computer Science. During my first semester, I joined the college's Computer Science Club and attended the ACM programming competition on a scoring team. During end-of-semester elections, I became vice president of the club. I have also worked with Dr. Barry Wittman on the development and documentation of his programming language, Shadow. In summer 2016, I was selected to complete an internship at Google in Mountain View, CA, which was a wonderful experience. Being part of the Stamps Scholarship Program has been extremely rewarding so far, and I especially enjoyed the Stamps Scholars National Convention in Atlanta. I greatly appreciate the network of peers to which the program has introduced me.

Eric Zimmerman '18, Biology

Eric ZimmermanAt Elizabethtown, I am a Biology major on the Pre-Medicine track, and I am also minoring in Business Administration. I am a member of the Elizabethtown College Student Senate, and I serve as the Chair of the Elections Committee. I am awed at the opportunities that have been presented to me here at Elizabethtown. The generosity of the Stamps Foundation significantly contributed to my decision to spend the remainder of my time at Elizabethtown finding ways to make an impact. The Stamps Foundation's generosity will allow me to maximize the education I receive, and I am excited at the thought of what the next few years will bring.


Shaye Lynn DiPasquale '19, Communications

Shaye Lynn DiPasquale Here at Elizabethtown College, I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Women and Gender Studies and Human Services. I am involved with many activities on campus including the Called To Lead program and Emotion dance club. I am a DJ for WWEC 88.3 radio station, a writer for The Etownian, and a member of the Honors Program. I'm excited to begin working on community service projects on campus and in the community. I also plan to start a campus chapter of the United Nation's Girl Up campaign, an organization I worked with for the past three years. Girl Up is a campaign led by the United Nations Foundation to raise funds and awareness for underprivileged girls in developing nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In the future, I hope to use my enrichment funds to study abroad in a country that will provide me with an immersion in a new cultural environment. I'm very grateful for the educational opportunity that the Stamps Foundation has provided me and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Mika Thomas '19, Japanese

Mika Thomas

I joined the Elizabethtown College community in 2015, and I am so grateful for the generosity of Elizabethtown College and the Stamps family. I am excited to become an active member of the Stamps Scholar community. I am interested in foreign language and I am currently studying Japanese. My goal is to be able to teach Japanese and English in order to help globalize the classroom and make the benefits of being bilingual available to more students. I also am interested in service projects because I enjoy working with other people and learning about perspectives other than my own. I am eager to meet the challenges that I am lucky enough to take on as a Stamps Scholar and I plan on making the most of my years at Elizabethtown.

Nicholas Winch '19, Engineering

I was born and raised in Walkersville, Maryland and attended Walkersville High School. I am an intended major in mechanical engineering. I am an eagle scout, and a member of the track team where I am a sprinter. I am very proud to be attending Elizabethtown College under the generous sponsorship of the Stamps Foundation. In fall 2016, I attended the Stamps-sponsored Igniting Curiosity conference at Purdue University, and I look forward to my years of service in this lovely community.


Sara Allocco '20, Political Science & Spanish

Sara AlloccoI am a double major in Political Science and Spanish from Albany, New York. In high school, I organized efforts to fund the creation of the first deaf education program in Africa that is not segregated by hearing ability. As a writing consultant, I was also given the chance to mentor fellow students for two years. During the summer of 2016, I embarked on a ten-day pilgrimage in Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day, which allowed me to improve my foreign language skills, learn more about Polish culture and interact with young people from around the world. In my free time, I enjoy running and photography. I'm excited to pursue another service project during my time as a college students and am considering a career in law or the U.S. Foreign Service. The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation and Elizabethtown College have truly given me the opportunity to further my passions in an incredible community. I look forward to the years to come!

Liuba Miranosava '20, Accounting

Liuba MiranosavaI grew up in Stroudsburg, PA after moving from Vitebsk, Belarus at the age of five. I am a current freshman at Elizabethtown and have an intended Accounting Major with a French Minor. I hope to attain my 150 hours within my four years at Elizabethtown and go on to get my CPA license as well as my Master's Degree. After that, my dream has been to join the Peace Corps and educate underprivileged children abroad. At Elizabethtown, I look forward to partaking in community service, studying abroad, and playing in the various music ensembles as a percussionist. I hope to take advantage of new opportunities that come my way and am grateful and excited to see where the Stamps scholarship takes me!

Rebecca Voler '20

Rebecca VolerI am a freshman at Elizabethtown, where I am majoring in Physics Education and minoring in Spanish. I am also looking forward to being involved in Elizabethtown's many music programs, as I have played trumpet for 8 years. I am ecstatic about the opportunities that will be available to me as a Stamps scholar. I hope to use the scholarship to study abroad. This would greatly enrich my education, and allow me to experience cultures. Additionally, I want to become involved in service activities on campus. I'm so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given and look forward to a chance to be involved.


Ethan Waugh '20, International Business & Spanish

Ethan WaughAfter growing up in Lineboro, Maryland, I graduated from Manchester Valley High School where I enjoyed participating and leading many clubs and teams from national Honor Society to the school's Cross-Country team. Now, with extreme thanks, appreciation, and credit to the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, I eagerly await to begin my life as a new student here at Elizabethtown College. I believe that one of the most effective ways to positively impact the world comes by taking an international approach in this ever-globalizing economy. With this in mind, I intend on pursuing a double major in Spanish and International Business. My ultimate goal is to attain fluency not only in Spanish, but also in other foreign languages such as French and Portuguese. At the same time, I intend on joining language and community service oriented clubs on campus. I am excited to embark on this new adventure and I cannot wait to see what the next few years will do to help me achieve my goals and make a difference.


Jonathan Wiseman '20, Actuarial Science

Jonathan WisemanI am a first-year student at Elizabethtown and my intended major is Actuarial Science. Before coming to Elizabethtown, I spent several years living in Russia, Germany, and Estonia. I chose Elizabethtown in part because I wanted to feel like I belonged to a tight community. In the coming years, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to study abroad, discover my passions, and create a home for myself.





Mary Clyne '16, Professional Writing

Mary ClyneI graduated from Elizabethtown with a English, Professional writing major and an Anthropology minor. My time at Elizabethtown was spent at an Archaeology Field School on Catalina Island in Southern California and I spent a semester in Florence, Italy. On campus I was a SAM (Student Athlete Mentor) and played Division III volleyball, track and field, and lacrosse my freshman and sophomore years. I am a senior English major with an Anthropology minor from Thousand Oaks, California. I spent this past summer at an Archaeology Field School on Catalina Island in Southern California. During my junior year, I spent a semester in Florence, Italy where I took art classes. Here at Elizabethtown College, I was a SAM (Student Athlete Mentor) and played Division III volleyball, track and field, and lacrosse my freshman and sophomore years. I also wrote articles for The Etownian, was a section editor for the yearbook, and a news anchor on ECTV. The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation granted me a college experience that would not have otherwise been possible and I will always be grateful for this opportunity.

Gates Failing '16, Biology

kh I studied biology with interests in primary care medicine and public health. On campus, I served as the treasurer for my class in Student Senate and as a Peer Mentor first-year student orientation leader.  In the community, I was a mentor in the Moving Forward Together program that pairs undergraduates with high school students from the local Milton Hershey School. During my summers, I  had the opportunity to engage in microbiology research with Elizabethtown faculty and through an internship at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. During Spring 2014, I lived in The Gambia, West Africa for four months where I took public health courses, learned the Wolof language, and completed an anthropological research project on traditional medical practices. The Stamps Program enrichment funds enabled me to complete this life-changing experience without any financial obstacles. During my senior year, I was granted a Fulbright fellowship to study traditional medicine and HIV prevention in Malawi for one year after graduation. I have been impressed with the challenging and rewarding education that I have received at Elizabethtown. The generosity a nd reputation of the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation was a significant factor in my decision to attend Elizabethtown College.

Alicia Froh '16, Actuarial Science

Alicia Froh

I graduated in the Spring of 2016 from Elizabethtown with an Actuarial Science major and Spanish minor and was involved on campus as a peer mentor, Into the Streets coordinator, Called to Lead member, and Emotion Dance Club choreographer. The generosity of the Stamps Scholarship had allowed me to attend a Stamps Leadership conference, study abroad in Barcelona, sit for actuarial exams, go on a spring break service trip, and take an internship at an actuarial consulting firm that required me to live away from home. I was able to complete a SCARP summer research project translating a mathematical paper from Spanish to English, a project that allowed me to work closely with a faculty mentor and combine my two academic areas of study. Thanks to the generosity of the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation and Elizabethtown College, I was fortunate to have a variety of opportunities to further my education and continue my roles in leadership and service. After graduation, I accepted a job at a major insurance company in Philadelphia.

David Boretti '15, Engineering and History

David Boretti alumniI was born in Garmisch, Germany, came to Elizabethtown from Crofton, MD, where I attended high school at Archbishop Spalding.  I graduated with a double major in mechanical engineering and history and also played on the soccer team, where I was a two-year team captain.  I have completed the leadership program, Called to Lead, that combines leadership skills with community service and learning.  Through the Stamps Scholars Program,  I was blessed with countless opportunities and chances to learn both inside and outside of the classroom and while also helping others and impacting other people's lives. After graduating, I took a position in the management development program of M & T Bank. I plan to return for my graduate degree in Engineering in a few years.

Tamara Eichelberger '15, Sociology/Anthropology

I graduated with a Sociology-Anthropology major and a minor in History aEichelberger alumnind German. I was a peer mentor, writing tutor, and gave tours to prospective students as an admissions office tour guide. I was president of the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter and a member of the school’s dance club, Emotion. With The Stamps Scholarship I traveled to Phoenix, AZ for the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in 2011 and also to Champaign, IL for a Stamps Scholars Leadership Conference in 2012. I also was able to achieve my dream of studying abroad in Germany.  After graduation, I completed the human osteology and funerary archaeology master's program at University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. I would eventually like to earn my Ph.D. in anthropology to work in academia or at a museum.

Amy Wagner '15, Chemistry

Amy Wagner alumniAt E-town I graduated with a degree in chemistry and was active in several clubs including the Chemistry Club, Called to Lead, and Faith in Action.  I completed the Honors Program and was a member of two honor societies: Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society and Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Chemistry Honor Society.  Being a Stamps Scholar allowed me to begin research at my home institution earlier than I otherwise may have, and it funded some of my living expenses when I did research at Georgia Tech during one summer.  The enrichment fund also allowed me to travel to Phoenix, AZ for the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in 2011, and I also used funds in my study abroad experience in New Zealand where I fully appreciated this astounding country. After graduation, I worked on a graduate degree in chemistry at Florida International University and hope to work for a government agency like the EPA in the future.