Data Science Major Program

Our Data Science program focuses on the organization, storage, and analysis of large sets of data, with a strong emphasis on the ability to communicate insightful results to a broad range of audiences. The demand for skills in data science has increased dramatically, making job candidates with a Data Science bachelor's degree particularly appealing to employers. After graduating from our Data Science program, you’ll be prepared for careers in a variety of different fields.

Cutting-Edge Coursework and Interdisciplinary Curriculum

As a Data Science major, you’ll take foundational courses in computer science, mathematics and statistics, as well as courses that involve a variety of supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques. Some of the courses you’ll take will include:

  • DS 200 Introduction to Data Science
  • DS 300 Data Mining
  • DS 315 Statistical Learning
  • DS 400 Big Data
  • DS 452 Data Science Capstone

The Data Science program was designed to complement almost any other discipline, so we encourage our students to consider pursuing a second major or minor in another area of interest such as biology, business, finance or communications.

Hands-On Application

Our program is focused on providing practical skills. Our students benefit from real-world learning experiences within their coursework. As a senior, you’ll take a Data Science capstone course where you’ll apply the skills you’ve learned to solve real-world problems. You’ll receive hands-on learning as you strategize with real businesses and nonprofits outside of the College. Throughout the capstone, you’ll be challenged as you test your knowledge and practice your ability to communicate your interpretations to executives.

Career Outcomes for Data Science Majors

Completing our program will give you an advantage over your competitors in the job market. With a Data Science bachelor's degree, you’ll be prepared to extract, synthesize and interpret data in a business or governmental setting as a data analyst, data administrator, data scientist or statistician.

Data science offers the potential for a lucrative salary and job stability. National averages reported by Glassdoor in 2017 note that the median salary for data scientists is $118,709 annually. Job growth for data science is projected to grow by over 20% by 2020 according to a recent study featured in Forbes.