Labs and Facilities

The Elizabethtown College campus is completely connected with a high-speed network that provides both wired and wireless access. Wired access is provided in all dormitory rooms, classrooms and labs for the most reliable high-speed network access. Wireless access allows connection to the network for mobile devices, laptops and any situations where a wired connection is inconvenient.

Computer Science Instructional Labs

Computer Science Classroom

Most Computer Science courses are taught in one of three instructional labs. Each lab is equipped with 24 modern Dell, multi-core workstations. The computers in this lab are upgraded and replaced on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date with the current state of technology. The labs also have a computer for the professor, a projector, and a Hovercam document projector. To expose our students to multiple platforms, our workstations boot into both Windows and Linux operating systems. We understand that, in order to allow our students to succeed, we need to not only provide them with the best professors but also up-to-date equipment and facilities.

Computer Science Servers

Our Computer Science Department has a server room with a number of department-run servers, which provide our students with parallel computing, file sharing, web hosting, DBMS servers, and large-scale storage capabilities. Other server computers can be tailored to meet specific course or student needs and brought online as needed.


The Computer Science Department is a member of Microsoft's DreamSpark for Academic Institutions. Through this program, the Computer Science department is allowed to give students access to many Microsoft software products including Windows 10 and Microsoft Visual Studio. Please see Dr. Leap for access to this software.

Networking & Operating Systems Lab

This lab is equipped with network routers, switches and hubs as well as a number of Windows and Linux computers used for constructing and studying computer networks.

Robotics Lab

The Computer Science program and the Engineering and Physics Department share a Robotics and Machine Intelligence lab. This lab is home of the Wunderbot, which competes in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition.

Senior Research Lab & Computer Science Commons Area

Computer Science majors enjoy a dedicated lab exclusively for student research as well as a private CS Commons lounge housing couches, games, and several more computers with which to do homework or work collaboratively with peers.

Department of Computer Science