Arts Administration Minor

Combine your love of the arts with business and build a promising career! If you are looking to work in marketing, administration or management in the world of performing or fine arts, our Arts Administration minor is the perfect fit for you!

Why Study Arts Administration?

Symphony orchestras, community arts centers, galleries, museums and theatre companies all need skilled administrative professionals to be successful and bring their art to the public. This minor will prepare you for roles in the field by teaching you how to blend your love of the arts with financial planning, risk management, marketing and other core business skills that can be used to see an organization thrive.

The Arts Administration minor at Elizabethtown College is an interdisciplinary program, with courses drawn from the Fine Arts, Music, Theatre and Business  departments. Hone your skills in one or more arts of your choice, while learning foundational business principles.

Arts Administration Courses

As an Arts Administration minor, you will take foundational courses in business, building a solid understanding of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. You can then choose from electives in music, theatre, dance, and art. These courses may include:

  • ART 145 - CE Digital Photography (COM 145)
  • ART 204 - CE Fundamentals of Color and Design
  • ART 230 - American Art
  • ART 260 Modernism
  • DA 101 - CE Introduction to Modern Dance
  • DA 102 - CE Introduction to Ballet
  • DA 103 - CE Introduction to Jazz Dance
  • MU 105 - WCH Introduction to Western Music Literature
  • MU 125 - WCH American Popular Music from Ragtime to Rock
  • TH 165 - CE Basic Acting
  • TH 255 - CE Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
  • TH 340 - Modern and Contemporary Drama: From Realism to the Present

For the full course listings and Arts Administration program requirements, please see the Elizabethtown College catalog.

With faculty approval, you may take a 2-credit internship in which you build a portfolio and gain practical experience. Internships are available at locations close to our Pennsylvania campus, including the Lancaster Museum of Art, Harrisburg Symphony, and Ephrata Performing Arts Center. A portfolio is a vital way for fine arts professionals to showcase their expertise when applying for jobs and graduate school programs.

What You Can Do With A Minor In Arts Administration

The Arts Administration minor prepares you for an exciting career in the arts. Your business and artistic skills will allow you to take on a variety of careers in the commercial, nonprofit, and public arts sectors, including:

  • Arts Venue and Patron Services Management
  • Touring and Production Management
  • Arts Events and Festivals Management
  • Gallery Management
  • Theatre Producer
  • Music Producer
  • Choreographer
  • Marketer
  • Agent or Publicist
  • City, State, or Federal Arts Administrator