Why Study French at Elizabethtown College?

In his poem, “The Road Not Taken,” Robert Frost describes encountering a fork in the road. This becomes a metaphor for choices that we confront as we navigate the road of life. For college students, the opportunity to study French creates a fork in the road because it requires a commitment to encounter something “different.” Those who study a foreign language choose to embark on this exciting, transformative journey.

Studying French at E-town College is not only going to teach you the language, but also going to immerse you in the culture. Although language is one of the key components in the major, studying abroad is also a guaranteed opportunity. Elizabethtown has partnerships with three universities in France where students will be able to take coursework in France. While one of the most personally rewarding experiences in life, studying abroad for a year also offers you a competitive edge that many other job seekers will not have.

What do French majors study?

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Academic work for the major include language, and literature courses based in French language. One year abroad is also a requirement to complete the major. We have partnerships with universities in places like iconic Strasbourg, France and beautiful Aix-en-Provence for students to experience life and culture in France. Having a partnership with universities abroad allows our students to use any financial aid they receive at Elizabethtown, abroad.

We also encourage double majoring or minoring with a language major and have made this option readily available for students. Professors are willing to help students with all aspects of the major and are excited to broaden students understanding of the language and how it compliments other disciplines of study.

What opportunities do French language students have?

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There are many interesting career paths with a French major! From working as a Peace Corps Volunteer, a high school French teacher, a business administrator in Paris, a professor of French, or even a lawyer, our alumni have found rewarding careers in a wide variety of fields! You will be prepared to work both domestically and abroad after completing the major.

In addition, students have the opportunity to join major-related clubs, like the French Club, and participate in events across campus like the international films series.

Through this major you will become a life-long learner by using French for both personal enjoyment and enrichment. Outcomes of the major not only include learning the language—reading, writing, speaking, but also the culture of the beautiful country of France. You will become a global citizen after being abroad and have a better of understanding of the culture having lived there. You will be considered a thrice-born intellectual—being born once in your country, then in France, and then back in your own.