resumesYour resume is a marketing tool that portrays your skills, abilities, and experiences in a way that shows potential employers, internship supervisors, and graduate schools that you are a match for the position or program that they are offering.  Due to unique and individual experiences, everyone's resume will be different; however, there are basic guidelines that you can follow to make your resume a great first impression of yourself.

  • Use a neat and easy to read format.
  • Be consistent in the way you format headings and text
  • Make sure your resume has no errors (grammar, spelling, format, etc.).
  • Market yourself for the position that you are applying for - show what you can do, and how it relates to the position you’re applying for
  • Do not use complete sentences or personal pronouns (I, you, we they); save this for the cover letter
  • Be factual and 100% honest
  • Make sure all of your contact information is correct (think about your phone message, e-mail address, etc.—how will a potential employer view these?)
  • References should be listed on a separate page
  • Remember to update as you go along, adding jobs, volunteer activities, awards, etc.
  • Have your resume reviewed by a staff member in Career Services, a professor, HR person, or other professional—expect to make changes

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