The Foundation for Our Future

Elizabethtown College’s endowment is the foundation on which our future rests. Financial returns from the endowment provide long-term, sustainable support for the College. So, these returns not only support students enrolled today. They also impact students who will enroll tomorrow and for generations to come.This is why growing the College’s endowment is one of our top priorities.

Investments in the College’s endowment are just that: investments. For the College’s partners, contributing to the endowment is the best way to invest in our future.

What the Endowment Supports

The endowment allows us to invest in scholarships for our students, academic programs that distinguish the College from its peers, student research that supports our mission, and facilities that meet our growing needs.

We are proud of our endowment’s track record. Our approach to endowment investments has yielded stable and consistent returns. These returns have outpaced other colleges and universities and have earned the College recognition for excellence in endowment management.

The College needs support for the endowment now more than ever before. We ask you to join us as we make investments in our students today, tomorrow and for generations to come. Join us as a partner in our mission to Educate for Service. You can make a difference


Elizabethtown College is known for its beautiful campus, set on nearly 200 acres in northern Lancaster County. Over the past decade, the College has improved the quality of its facilities even further.

As a result of the investments that Elizabethtown College’s supporters allowed us to make, our campus has undergone a dramatic renovation. The improvements include:

  • The Masters Center for Science, Mathematics and Engineering, completed in 2008.
  • The James B. Hoover Center for Business, completed in 2006.
  • The fine and performing arts center in Leffler Chapel, completed in 1995.
  • The Brossman Commons, located at the heart of the campus and completed in 2002.