Tuition and Fees

As you and your parents undertake the college selection process, financing the cost of a quality education is an important consideration. While the family has the primary responsibility for a student's educational costs, there are various resources and options available to help supplement a family's best efforts to finance an education. Elizabethtown College will make every effort to help minimize cost as a major factor in the college selection process.

To help supplement a family's efforts, Elizabethtown College administers a comprehensive need-based financial aid and merit scholarship program. Financial resources include grants, merit-based scholarships, employment, student loans, parent loans, and an interest-free monthly payment plan.

Due to Elizabethtown College's strong commitment to financial aid and scholarship assistance, the likelihood is that your family may not have to pay the full cost of an Elizabethtown education listed below. If you are interested in Elizabethtown College, your focus should be on what the bottom line cost to your family will be AFTER your particular academic and financial circumstances are considered. This bottom line cost to you can then be used to compare the value of an Elizabethtown education with other institutions.

Full-time Fees

(Our Board of Trustees sets College fees each February)

Resident Annual Rate
Tuition $32,000
Room $5,800
Meal Plan $5,910
Comprehensive Fee $43,710
for the 2019-2020 academic year


In addition to the comprehensive fee, students may incur expenses for books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses.  Along with the comprehensive fee, Elizabethtown includes the following estimated amounts for these expenses when determining a student's eligibility for financial aid:

Books and Supplies: $1100

Transportation: $250

Personal/Miscellaneous: $800

Loan Fees: $68

More information regarding Annual Expenses.

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