Federal Work Study Program

If you are offered an opportunity to seek on-campus employment as part of your financial aid package. The amount indicated in your financial aid package is the maximum you will be allowed to earn under the Federal Work Study Program during the academic year.

Students are paid at least minimum wage for each hour of work completed. For example, if your work award is $1,500, you would have to work approximately 7 hours a week during the academic year to receive your full $1,500 at minimum wage per hour. Job interviews are conducted when students arrive on campus in the fall.  If interested in applying for a job on campus, please click here for available positions on the Student Employment Page.

Students may not use the Work-Study award as a credit against their bill. Rather, students may use these work earnings for books and spending money. The reasoning here is that because of supply and demand changes, on-campus Work-Study jobs cannot be guaranteed. The Work-Study award, therefore, is not listed as a credit on the College bill. If on-campus employment is not obtained, the student may inquire with Career Services for off-campus employment opportunities.