Elizabethtown College Bike and Car Share Programs

Bike Share Program

Ride-Etown Bike Share Program Overview

  • 18 bikes
  • Bikes will be stationed outside of the front steps of the BSC in a new bike rack and signage.
  • Students may borrow the bikes for up to two weeks at a time by checking out a bike at the BSC Hub
  • Students will receive a bike lock key and will then be able to access their specific bike at the BSC bike rack
  • Students should return the bike to the BSC rack, lock it, and return the lock key to the Hub or Campus Security
  • Students are able to use the bikes both on and off campus 

The Elizabethtown College Ride-Etown Bike Share Program is a new, free service for full-time Elizabethtown College students.

Checking Out/In a Bike

When you want to check out a bike simply go to the Hub kiosk in the Baugher Student Center, located between PSECU and Mail Services. The Hub student employees will check to see if there are available bikes, and if there are, you will be given a key to a bike. You may also borrow a basket to use of the front of the bike if you wish. You will need to complete a liability waiver form to check out the bike and again when your return the bike. The Hub staff will also ask you how long you would like to borrow the bike (no more than two weeks) to determine the date that it will be returned. You will then walk over to the Bike Share rack located in front of the BSC near the steps, where you will locate the bicycle corresponding to your key number. You can then unlock your bike and ride it!

At the end of your bike share time you will return it to the same rack in front of the BSC, lock it to the Ride-Etown Bike Share rack, and return the bike lock key to the Hub.

What if I damage the bike?

It is your responsibility to email osahub@etown.edu if there has been any damage to the bike. Please include “damage” in the subject line. Choosing not to report damages may result in fees. If you have been in an accident please call Campus Security immediately at 717-361-1111.

Where can I ride?

You are allowed to ride the bikes throughout campus and off campus. We highly recommend that you do not ride your bike at night. If you must ride when it is dark outside, wear light colored, reflective clothing.

What to Do in the Case of an Accident

If you get in an accident and you are injured on campus call Campus Security immediately at 717-361-1111. If an accident with the bike occurs off campus, call 911 immediately and then also notify Campus Security. If you get in an accident and you are not injured but the bicycle is no longer functional lock the bike to an appropriate spot, note the location, and report that to Campus Security and the Hub staff.

How Late Fees Work

If you do not return your bicycle, lock, and lock key at the end of your borrowing period you will incur a $5 late fee charge. For every day that you do not return the bicycle, lock, and other gear, you will incur a $10 late fee charge. After 10 days the bicycle, lock, and bicycle gear will be reported stolen to Elizabethtown College Campus Security and you will be charged for the full price of the bicycle, lock, and bicycle gear. If you are missing only one item you are responsible for the cost of that one item. If you lost the bicycle lock key you are responsible for the cost of a new lock.

If on the given return day you are unable to return the bike due to emergencies of other important engagements, please email the Hub at hub@etown.edu to avoid late fees. Please inform and explain to us ahead of time that you will not be returning the bike on time and when you will be able to return it.

You may not use the Bike Share program until you have paid all late fees. You will pay your late fees at the Business Office.

Car Share Program



Once approved, you'll receive your membership card in the mail. You will need the card to access the vehicles.



Log in and select the vehicle you want and how long you need it. With our mobile app you can reserve vehicles on the go.


Unlock and Go

Hold your membership card over the windshield sensor to unlock the vehicle. The keys will be waiting for you inside.



Return the vehicle at the end of the reservation. Hold you membership card over the reader one last time. The doors will lock and your rental will end.


Elizabethtown College is excited to collaborate with Enterprise to offer a Car Share program  which began the Fall of 2017. Two brand new  rental cars are available for any student, faculty or staff member ages 18 and up with a valid .edu email address. The cars (one Sedan & one SUV) are parked outside of Alpha in reserved parking spots. Each vehicle can accommodate a maximum of five individuals. The cost to join is only $10 and you will receive $10 in driving credits once you sign-up. Participants in the program can reserve the cars by the hour, day or weekend. There is even a mobile app to make your car reservations on the go!

Participants will receive a member card in the mail that opens the vehicles. The keys to the car are in the glove box as well as a pre-paid fuel card to refuel the car when you have completed your trip. In addition the hourly rate includes 24/7 member services and roadside assistance as well as physical damage and liability protections.

Become a member today so you can grab some friends, reserve a car and explore what Lancaster County has to offer!

Member Requirements:

  • The membership is open to all qualified students, faculty and staff ages 18 and up
  • Applicants must provide a valid .edu email address
  • Valid driver’s license (International Driver’s License Accepted)
  • Valid major credit card in your name

Before heading out on your scheduled trip, please review the list below to prevent any unnecessary charges on your account.

Rules of the Road

  1. Report damage and litter.
    • If you notice any damage to the vehicle please report it immediately to Member Services at 1-877-599-3227.
  2. Remove all your Trash.
    • Remove all of your trash and personal belongings before ending your reservation.
  3. No Smoking or other Tabaco products.
    • Smoking or Vaping in the vehicle is not allowed
  4. Keep your pets safely secured.
    • Pets are required to be crated at all times while in the vehicle. Please return the vehicle free of pet hair.
  5. Fill the Fuel Tank
    • Always leave ¼ tank in the vehicle before ending your reservation.
  6. Return on time.
    • To avoid extra charges and to be considerate to other members

Need more information? Click here to read the FAQ’s.

The staff contact for this program is Amy Berra, Assistant to the VP for Student Life and Dean of Students.