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Information Systems

Client-Facing Problem Solving

Elizabethtown College's Information Systems major is focused on the application of software, hardware, management of information and cybersecurity. You will learn about the latest techniques for gathering, storing, and processing data, as well as how to make the most of hardware resources when developing client solutions. You'll also gain insight into industry best practices for safeguarding data from cyber threats and gain proficiency in the fundamental principles of data analysis.

Classes for an Information Systems major include Algorithms and Data Structures, Database Systems, Web Development and Computer Security, and Network Security. Information Systems majors also take business administration courses covering management and legal issues in business. 

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What can I do with a degree in Information Systems?

The Information Systems major prepares students for jobs in highly valued professions such as systems managers, project managers, system analysts, cybersecurity professionals, software engineers, database managers and a whole host of others. After years of graduating top-ranking students, the Department of Computer Science has a nearly 100% job placement rate for our Information Systems students immediately after graduation. Many of our students also continue to graduate-level study in information management or security.


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The Impact of Software & cybersecurity

Information Systems requires an understanding of how software and cybersecurity impact businesses and how businesses can benefit from utilizing software in new ways. We believe that students should be well-rounded, so Information Systems students also take several business administration and economics courses. You won’t practice your profession in a vacuum, so we provide the necessary academic, extracurricular, and internship opportunities to give application to your classroom knowledge.

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A Collaborative Program for a Successful Career

The Information Systems program takes a hands-on approach. Students work together with professors in a collaborative atmosphere in state-of-the-art labs and workspaces. This methodology allows our students to secure internships with booming development companies nearby and leads to successful careers after graduation. Our department graduates are well-rounded students with a deep knowledge of how to apply technical training to the business world, speaking the languages of data, security, and management.

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Hands-on Training in Real-world Scenarios

By designing databases from scratch, building backends for web applications, and setting up local and wide area networks, you will gain valuable experience in a variety of technical domains. In addition, you will also engage in simulated scenarios where you attempt to hack into your classmates' systems while they do the same to yours, preparing you to anticipate and respond to cyber threats. Whether you're dealing with true-to-life situations or hypotheticals, this program equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate any challenges that may arise in your future career.

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Information Systems Minor

Our Information Systems minor is designed to provide students with an overview of the information systems program. Students will take computer science courses, such as Computer Science, Database Systems, Software Engineering, and Cybersecurity. This minor gives students an advantage in their careers, no matter what field they choose. Having a background in information systems gives students tools that they can use in their careers, such as building databases to manage information, as well as implementing those systems within hardware solutions and securing them in the cloud.


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