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Cutting-Edge Intersection of Research and Theory

This exciting major is at the forefront of biomedical research, genetic engineering and social ethics. The Biotechnology major at Elizabethtown College has been specifically designed for our students who wish to continue either on to graduate school or pursue a career as a research associate in a research-based academic institution or in a biotechnology company.

Meet Our Faculty Course Catalog

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What Can I Do With a Degree in Biotechnology?

This program represents the compilation of feedback gathered from over 100 hospitals, graduate institutions, academic research facilities, and large and small biotech companies. Combining all of this information with the latest in teaching methodology and research, the Biotechnology major offers you the cutting edge intersection of scientific research and theory. Whether you think your next step is the work force, or graduate school, our Biotechnology program graduates are recruited and accepted to prestigious companies and schools nation-wide!


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Leveraging High-tech Solutions To Address Biological Challenges

Our approach integrates problem-based learning, student-led research, and professional internships, preparing you for careers in biological research with a focus on cutting-edge microbiology, cellular, and molecular biology techniques. Our program emphasizes ethical technology use, continuous learning, and leadership development, offering a distinctive educational experience through close curriculum integration and practical learning opportunities.


Bridging Classroom Knowledge With Real-world Application

Engage in hands-on learning through our specialized on-campus labs, such as biotechnology and cadaver labs, and delve into courses covering genetics, cell biology, experimental design, and physiology. You'll also conduct faculty-guided research, showcase your work at conferences, and gain practical experience through internships with local entities, enhancing your employability and resume.

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Exploring Beyond Academic Boundaries

Beyond intensive coursework, you'll discover extensive opportunities for experiential learning. Our students often study abroad, pursue independent research with external or college-backed funding, and engage in campus clubs or skill-based community service. Enjoy the freedom to fully embrace Etown's diverse offerings, from international studies to local involvement, tailored to enhance your college experience.

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Biology Minor

A minor in Biology gives students from other majors the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the field of Biology. Students have the option to take different Biology courses that can help broaden their knowledge of the world around them, and be applied to various careers across disciplines.


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