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The Department of Biology at Elizabethtown College offers three majors, several concentrations within those majors, and specialized programs with other institutions for continued education. From a degree in Biology, Biotechnology, or Environmental Science, our graduates are prepared for both the workforce and graduate school upon graduation.

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From the Department of Biology

Gates Failing

Gates Failing '16

In malawi this fulbright scholar learned the chichewa language to communicate with local populations.

From August 2016 to May 2017, Fulbright recipient Gates Failing studied traditional and modern medical systems in Zomba, Malawi. Along with his promotion of HIV education and antiretroviral therapy adherence, Failing interviewed a variety of community stakeholders and visited health centers in and around Zomba. In Malawi, he learned the local Chichewa language, conducted educational programs for local youth and presented his methodology and research findings to various organizations. "Living in Malawi demonstrated the close association between culture and health, motivating me to continue serving developing nations through research and clinical practice as a physician."

Put Science into Service

Biology students at E-town College take the motto "Educate for Service" seriously. As part of your genetics coursework in your sophomore year, you will work with clinics, non-profit agencies and other groups dedicated to helping people with genetic disorders. In other classes, you’ll also have the chance to volunteer your time at a hospital, monitor water quality in local streams, or assist with ecological restoration projects! Our students become ingrained into the fabric of our community by putting their education to use for organizations that need it most.

After Graduation

Graduates from the Department of Biology at E-town College see success both in their professional and personal lives. From placements into top medical schools such as University of Pennsylvania and Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, to research at labs around the country, our former students consistently cite their experiences at E-town as the catalyst that launched their careers and introduced them to new passions.

Learn in High-Tech Labs

Our Department is located in the Masters Center for Science, Mathematics and Engineering, and is home to nine teaching laboratories, ten research laboratories and other specialized facilities equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation. From genetics and biotechnology labs, to a human cadaver lab, our students expertly practice lab procedures, and graduate with superior theoretical knowledge with field experience to match it.

Make Discoveries with One-on-One Faculty-Supervised Research

As a student in the Department, you can take part in real-world research with one of your professors. You might even share your findings by co-authoring a paper, or presenting at a regional or national conference!

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Out-of-class experiences will make you an outstanding candidate for acceptance into our 4+1 master’s program, graduate or professional schools, (MD, DO, PA, DPT, PhD, MS) or for immediate employment positions! With the Department of Biology, you’ll have the chance to participate in: