Pre-Optometry Affiliation Programs

3+4 Doctor of Optometry Program with Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University

Students already at Elizabethtown College are invited by HPAC to apply to this program in their second year at EC. Contact the Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee for further information regarding this program. Following the interested student’s Salus University interview, Salus University will notify Elizabethtown College's HPAC and the student that s/he does or does not qualify for a letter of provisional acceptance to the Salus University Doctor of Optometry Program.

Optometry Suggested Coursework

Minimum Requirement E-town Recommended Typical Semester Taken
Biology (16 hours including microbiology, physiology, and anatomy) BIO 111
BIO 235*
BIO 324*
BIO 341*
Fall, First Year
Spring, Second Year or later
Spring, Third Year
Fall, Third year or later
English (3-4 hours) ENG 100 Fall/Spring, First Year
Chemistry (12 hours, including organic chemistry) CH 105
CH 113*
CH 213*
Fall, First Year
Spring, First Year
Fall, Second Year
Mathematics (4 hours of statistics) MA 251 Fall, second year or later
Physics (8 hours) PHYS 103
PHYS 104*
Fall, Third Year
Spring, Third Year
Psychology (3-4 hours) PSY 105 Any semester

* Pre-requisite exists. Consult most recent E-town College Catalog for details.

Note: To find school-specific requirements for each U.S. and Canadian optometry school, see an optometry school's website or the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry.