Advising Overview

Challenging coursework in the humanities, natural and social sciences at Elizabethtown College prepare students for a successful career in the health professions.

The faculty affiliated with the Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC) are charged with helping students choose academic coursework and extracurricular activities that will prepare them for a future career in the health professions.  HPAC faculty also guide and support undergraduates and alumni through the application process to graduate and professional programs in the health care fields.

Advising and Applying:

Admission to pre-professional schools is very competitive.  HPAC encourages and helps students find opportunities for research, internships, study abroad, community service and extra-curricular pursuits that will enhance their candidacy for these programs.  First year students are introduced to the HPAC faculty during their first weeks on campus and are advised of the opportunities for career and academic guidance.  Programs are scheduled throughout the academic calendar for all interested students to attend and participate in discussions with health care providers, medical students and professional school admissions representatives.  Students can gain valuable knowledge of the health professions through our network of local health professionals.  Professionals in this network can provide students with shadowing opportunities and/or direct patient care hours. We are committed to assisting any current student or alumnus/alumna seeking admission to a health professions program. HPAC faculty work closely with the applicant as they select professional schools, provide feedback as they compose personal statements and recommendation letters required for their application..


Selecting a Major:

Selecting a Major

Although certain majors have designated “pre-medicine” or “allied health” concentrations, it is possible to major in almost any academic discipline at the College and, with careful course planning, complete coursework that will allow a student to be admitted to graduate programs in the health professions.  We encourage our students to seek out and study those areas of interest to them, while also keeping in contact with HPAC to make sure that they are completing the appropriate coursework for entry into professional school.



Elizabethtown offers qualified pre-health students the option to participate in cooperative programs with affiliate graduate or professional schools. By combining specialized undergraduate studies at Elizabethtown with direct admission to graduate school, you can earn your advanced degree in less time than taking a traditional route which will allow you to enter your professional earlier and save tuition dollars.  The admissions criteria and deadlines for applying to these programs varies. Please see the cooperative programs website for further details.

Our Graduates:


Our alumni are very successful!  For a list of the health professions program in which Elizabethtown graduates have attended please visit the Where Are they Now page.