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Disability Services

Making Etown Accessible For All

Elizabethtown College has a long-standing tradition of fostering the values of peace, non-violence, human dignity, and social justice. Aligning our practices with these core values, the Office of Disability Services is committed to providing equal access for students to all courses, programs, services, and activities. 


As a part of the College's Center for Student Success, we offer resources, tools, and support to help students become responsible decision-makers and knowledgeable self-advocates as they pursue their academic and professional goals. In addition, we are committed to working with the entire campus community to cultivate an awareness of an inclusive educational environment.

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lynne davies

Lynne Davies; M.A.

Director of Disability Services

Phone: 717-361-1227


Commitment To Equal Access

Elizabethtown College is committed to providing equal access to courses, programs, services, and activities - for all students. The Office of Disability Services works with the campus community to facilitate academic, housing, dining, and campus job accommodations in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


It’s important to understand that most students with a condition considered a disability under ADA do not think of themselves as disabled, but 19% of undergraduate students report having a disability (U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (2019). So, while you may acknowledge you have a condition that makes it difficult for you to function in one or more areas of your life, you may not realize there are a few things that might lessen its impact on your college experience. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, learning disabilities, food allergies, hearing or visual impairments, and other chronic illnesses can be considered a disability under ADA. If you would like more information about accommodations, please contact us – we look forward to working with you.

Barrier Busters

Elizabethtown College is committed to eliminating any barriers that campus community members may face on our campus. Below you'll find a list of potential obstacles that you may face, and the best way to navigate these obstacles.

  • For an emergency contact Campus Safety at (717) 361-1000 or through the LiveSafe app.
  • For immediate but non-emergency assistance contact Campus Safety at (717) 361-1264. They can assist with icy sidewalks, physical barriers, locked classrooms or navigating around campus quickly. Depending on the location of the barrier, you may be able to reach out to the person responsible for that building.
      • The High Library - Front Desk - (717) 361-1222
  • For problems with broken elevators, access ramp restrictions, lightbulbs out or other repair requests that do not require immediate assistance, put in a service request with Facilities Management.  
  • For long-term requests like inaccessible classrooms, residence halls or entrance areas (Marketplace, etc.) reach out to Disability Services

The Barrier Busters program is sponsored by the Class of 2022 and the Office of Disability Services.

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