Explore the Psychology Degree Program at E-town College


By majoring in Psychology at Elizabethtown College, you’ll be prepared for either the direct pursuit of a career, or for graduate and professional studies across many disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, medicine, business, education, human services, and law.

At E-town College, we offer a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as a minor in Psychology. Our department also participates in the interdisciplinary Cognitive Science minor. Through our coursework, we give you the knowledge and skills that you’ll need to take your next steps. By working with your advisor to create experiences tailored to your interests, you’ll gain the opportunities that will enable you to thrive in the field!

With a strong research focus, you’ll have the chance to explore the depth of psychology by conducting curricular-based research, and many of our students also choose to assist faculty in supervised departmental research. We recognize that every student learns differently and wants to explore different passions within the field. From your first year at E-town College until graduation, your opportunities are tailored to you as an individual, and you’ll have both the resources and opportunity to learn more about what interests you most! Through community-based learning, field work, research opportunities, on-campus clubs and organizations, and study abroad opportunities, you’ll continue to develop your professional skill sets and understanding of the discipline.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Our Bachelor’s degree program focuses on the science of psychology – theories, principles and methods. You’ll gain knowledge through exploration of the subfields of psychology, and through conducting research projects that you design. You’ll develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis, written and oral communication. This versatile skill set will serve you well in any number of career paths that you pursue after E-town.

Psychology Major Requirements     Learn more about the requirements for majoring in psychology.

Psychology Minor

psychology minor

Students majoring in another discipline can elect to complete a Psychology minor that provides a basic foundation in Psychology. Our minor is flexible and allows you to explore the subfields of psychology that most interest you.

Cognitive Science Minor

cognitive science minor

Students of any major (including psychology) can pursue the interdisciplinary Cognitive Science minor. This minor integrates elements of psychology, biology, neuroscience, philosophy, and computer science into a unified field of study to better understand human thought, experience and behavior.