Sustainability Education: Preparing a Sustainable Generation

Education is at the heart of all our sustainability initiatives. Our educational practices are designed to inspire you to use your profession to serve the community. 

Building a Green Curriculum

Sustainability education at E-town is very interdisciplinary, so you can incorporate sustainability into your coursework regardless of your major.

Biology Class

Class Lecture

B.S. in Environmental Science

Learn to consider political, social and economic issues as you solve modern problems in environmental science.

B.S. in Engineering with Environmental Concentration

Concentrate in Environmental Engineering! Your coursework will focus on urban planning, using resources efficiently and designing sustainable infrastructure. 

B.A. in Philosophy of Science, Ethics, or the Humanities 

Pursue a conceptual study of sustainability issues through our philosophy program, and learn to experiment, critique and evaluate as you problem solve. Our specialized faculty will help you develop research projects relevant for today’s sustainability needs. 

Sustainability Tip
GO GREEN! Air drying clothing during summer months instead of using an electric dryer can save over 230 kilowatt hours of energy per year

Green Courses

Our sustainability courses are conveniently found across many disciplines and sometimes fulfill core requirements. 

  • BA 372 - Sustainable Marketing
  • BIO 103 - NPS Living with the Environment
  • BIO 313 - General Ecology
  • BIO/EN 170 - Ecology in Short Fiction
  • BIO 112 - Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Diversity of Life
  • CS 434/EGR 434 - Green Robotics, Automation, and Machine Intelligence
  • EC 370 - Environmental Economics
  • EGR 251 - Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • EGR 256 - Environmental Site Engineering and Design
  • EGR 255 - Sustainable Resource Engineering and Design
  • EGR 343 - Green Architectural Engineering
  • EGR 351 – Water and Wastewater Engineering
  • ES 113 - NPS Earth in Space: Evolution of a Planet
  • ES 114 - NPS Geosystems: Landscapes, Oceans and Atmosphere
  • ES 117 - NPS Climate Change and the Fate of Civilization
  • PH 105 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • PH 255D - Advanced Ethics: Environmental
  • PH 275 – Science and Values
  • PH 355 – Public Policy Ethics
  • PH 370 – Perspectives in Sustainability
  • PH 370 – Philosophy of the City and Everyday Life
  • REL 151 - Life Meaning and Purposeful Work
  • SO 204 - SSC Population and Global Issues

Dr. Brenda Read-Daily


Passionate Faculty

Our expert faculty members demonstrate their interest through the courses they teach, their membership in the Sustainability Committee or the research they conduct. 

Engineering Class

Community Outreach

Water Conservation

Partner with professors and a water conservation group to work with wildlife and track water quality in the Susquehanna River! 

Simple Living

Apply to live in The Simple House, a simple living Student Directed Learning Community (SDLC), and complete a minimum of 32 hours of sustainability-related community service!

Student Involvement

Further your education in sustainability and prepare for postgraduate life. Expand your skill set inside and outside of the classroom through coursework and signature learning experiences.