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Endowed Scholarships

"We at Elizabethtown College are profoundly grateful to our community of donors and friends for their ongoing support of Etown, where students discover the potential to find their life’s work, life's calling, and most fulfilling future. This commitment provides our students the access to achieve a high-quality education and a student-life experience that will lead them toward productive and purposeful careers."

- President Elizabeth A. Rider

Endowed Scholarship FAQ

An endowed scholarship is one in which the principal remains intact and only the interest is awarded each year. Once established, an endowed scholarship is managed by Elizabethtown College. An endowed scholarship creates a permanent funding source that will grow over time and provide support for deserving students today and in the future.

An endowed scholarship requires a minimum gift of $50,000, either through a single gift or with payments over two to five years. Gifts can be made through cash, stocks or other securities, a donor-advised fund, an IRA qualified charitable distribution, or through an estate provision.

Once the scholarship is endowed, a student will be awarded a scholarship valued at 4-7% of the fund annually. The principal will be preserved to grow over time so that the scholarship can be awarded in perpetuity. Donors receive a detailed annual report of their scholarship fund that includes information about the student recipient and important financial details. 

You can select preferred criteria for students who will benefit from the scholarship award, including financial need, a selected major or minor, a specific geographic area, or even a recipient who is a first-generation college student.

Some donors have created endowed scholarships in their own names, while others have created scholarships that honor family members, beloved professors, colleagues, or friends.

Yes! An endowed scholarship is perfect for those who are interested in making a difference in the lives of students. The financial resources provided by an endowed scholarship often are a deciding factor for students to choose Elizabethtown College.

Endowed Scholarship Areas of Impact

Etown strives to make a college education possible for every student, regardless of financial background. Need-based scholarships are offered to students based on financial circumstances. Students may qualify for need-based scholarship funds if they can demonstrate financial need, and qualification is usually determined based on family income. Learn more about Scholarships at Etown.

Etown academic programs and organizations often take students well beyond our classrooms and labs to participate in high-impact learning opportunities, research projects, conferences, and community service trips. Academic scholarships can support students studying in a specific major or program area or bolster programmatic needs for departments, including travel, recruiting, and equipment. Learn more about Academic Programs at Etown.

Studying abroad is a critical opportunity for Etown students to learn not only about other cultures, but also about themselves. Studying abroad is one of the College’s Signature Learning Experiences, and Etown places great emphasis on our students learning to become global citizens. Study abroad scholarships are critical for students to use toward the expenses of the program, including travel, course credits, books, and lodging. Learn more about Study Abroad at Etown.

Etown seeks to create a culturally vibrant campus community where every student feels a sense of belonging. We welcome students from all over the globe to join our campus, which is made up of the types of advocates, changemakers, and communicators the world needs more of. International student scholarships allow us to create this welcoming environment by recruiting the best and brightest from around the world.

Etown students gain valuable experience each year by working closely with faculty and staff mentors to perform independent student research as part of the Summer Creative Arts and Research Program (SCARP). This experiential learning program is designed to enhance professional skills and provide a competitive advantage to participating students in the pursuit of career opportunities and graduate studies. SCARP also helps participating faculty, scholars, and researchers benefit from student involvement in support of professional scholarship and research agendas. SCARP research scholarships allow our students to complete this important work by supporting their travel, living, and meal expenses while on campus. Learn more about Student-Faculty Research at Etown.

Etown is committed to building and maintaining an environment that fosters a culturally vibrant campus community that values diversity, equity, and belonging. Diversity scholarships allow the College to recruit top students from all walks of life, including those from underrepresented populations. Learn more about Diversity at Etown.

The financial part of the college equation can be intimidating. At Etown, we guide prospective students through the process of identifying aid that makes higher education attainable. Merit-based scholarships are financial awards that students receive based on their academic success in high school. These scholarships are awarded based on many factors, such as a student’s grades, leadership roles, ACT and/or SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and school or community involvement. Learn more about Merit-Based Scholarships.

Supporting an Endowed Scholarship

A member of the Institutional Advancement team would be happy to talk with you if you are interested in creating an endowed scholarship or would like more information on ways you can support student success at Elizabethtown College.

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Ben Rupp

Executive Director of Giving Programs | 717-361-3591

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Marty Thomas-Brummé 

Major Gifts Officer  | 717-361-6493

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Alyssa Trentzsch

Individual Giving Officer | 717-361-1257

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