Institutional Scholarships and Grants

Elizabethtown College offers more than $37M in awards each year. Below is a list of scholarships and grants offered directly from the institution.

Elizabethtown College Merit-Based Scholarships: Presidential, Founders (formerly Provost), Dean's

These scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of their high school academic achievements and test scores. Students awarded Elizabethtown College Scholarships must remain full-time students in good academic and social standing in order to be eligible for renewal of the scholarships. These scholarships are not transferable to the summer sessions and are available for only eight semesters (10 semesters for 4 + 1 Master's Degree students). This money is an outright scholarship to the student and does not have to be repaid. This aid is listed as a credit on the College bill. Amounts retain their original values all four years. No increases are given.

Music Performance Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to first-year and transfer students who are outstanding performing musicians who meet the challenges of Elizabethtown’s academic environment. Scholarships are open to music and non-music majors. Awards range in value up to $4,000 annually and are renewable for four years. Scholarship winners must participate in a College music ensemble identified by the College and take private music lessons for credit in their primary performing areas to maintain their scholarships. Students must receive “pass” grades in the ensembles and no less than “B-” in the lessons to remain eligible for the scholarship. Visit the music department website for more information regarding auditions. 

Trustee Grant

These grants are available to students who demonstrate financial need. A student must apply annually to be considered for this grant. This money is an outright grant to the student and does not have to be repaid. This aid is listed as a credit on the College bill. The receipt of additional merit awards may impact this amount.  The Trustee grant may be swapped dollar for dollar for a named endowed scholarship.

Mosaic Award 

Mosaic Award winners have a demonstrated commitment to valuing and fostering the diversity reflected in their community and in the bigger world beyond.  They have sought opportunities to both seek and provide perspective in conversations and activity related to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, age, and national origin.  These awards are valued up to $5,000.  Elizabethtown expects Mosaic Award winners to continue to contribute in similar ways during their time on campus.  All accepted students are considered for the Mosaic Award. Find more information about the Mosaic Award on the Admissions office website.

Stamps Scholarship 

The Stamps Scholars Program recognizes and rewards exceptional students who exemplify leadership, perseverance, scholarship, service, overcoming obstacles and innovation. Stamps Scholars receive an award meeting 100% of the total cost of tuition plus access to a $6,000 enrichment fund which can be used for study abroad, internship support, community/civic engagement opportunities and other qualified educational activities. This prestigious scholarship is renewable for up to eight semesters. Students must apply to Elizabethtown College by February 1 to be eligible for this scholarship; interviews are encouraged. Find more information about the Stamps Scholarship on the Admissions office website. 

Church of the Brethren Scholarship

These awards are available to students who are active members of the Church of the Brethren when they are admitted to the College. The award is $2,500 annually and is renewable for four years.  Students will need to submit a letter from their pastor confirming the student is active member. This money is an outright award to the student and does not have to be repaid. This aid is listed as a credit on the College bill.

Elizabethtown Legacy Scholarship 

At Elizabethtown College, relationships are important. Relationships that develop between students, faculty, staff, and alumni are a large part of what makes the College distinct.  Elizabethtown recognizes the relationship legacy students have with our community by awarding $2,000 Legacy Scholarships to accepted students who are children or grandchildren of Elizabethtown alumni.

Sibling Scholarship

The $1,000 Sibling scholarship is available for current Elizabethtown College students who have a sibling enrolled at Elizabethtown during the same academic year.

Endowed Scholarships

Elizabethtown College offers dozens of endowed scholarships. Students applying for financial aid are automatically considered for these funds. Selection is based on a student’s match with a donor’s criteria. A named endowed scholarship does not change the total amount of financial aid awarded. Endowed scholarships are College resources provided by donors to support institutional grant funding awarded to students. 

J. Wood Platt Scholarship

Available to students who have caddied for at least one season at one or more Member Clubs of the Golf Association of Philadelphia. The selection of caddies to receive scholarship funds is made on an annual basis by the Trustees.  The scholarship award range up to $10k each year depending on need and as long as the student continues caddying.  The College provides a $1,000 match to recipients of the scholarship.

Elizabethtown Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Awarded on a competitive basis to a local high school senior or resident of Elizabethtown Area School District who has been offered full-time admission to Elizabethtown College.  Applicants must demonstrate scholastic ability in high school, citizenship, projected ability to succeed in college, and financial need.  Students should submit an application, two letters of recommendation, and have filed their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is open from January through March preceding the start of the academic year.  Recipients must reapply each year for consideration.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information.

Veteran's Benefits and Information

Elizabethtown College, in conjunction with the Veterans/Military Education State Approving Agency, manages veterans education benefits for students attending Elizabethtown College. Visit the Records and Registration website to find more information about the certifying officials and frequently asked questions.