Hatch A Blue Jay

Spread your love for E-town, and help us welcome new students into our campus community! Use your college experience as an example for others in your life. Connect us with other amazing students who you think will make a great fit with E-town.

Complete Our Referral Form

If you know a student who would be a great addition to our Blue Jay flock, let us know who they are by completing the form. 

Our admissions team will reach out and connect with prospective students and show them the kind of E-town hospitality we have become famous for. There might even be a carrot cake in their future!


Will This Student Be A Good Fit

If you’re not sure if the student you’re thinking of will be a good fit, that’s okay! When you refer someone, you’re helping them explore E-town, so they can get closer to making their college decision. A student may be a good fit if he/she:

  • Loves getting involved
  • Is looking for a small-school setting
  • Enjoys diversity and inclusivity
  • Values a liberal arts education
  • Is looking for a college that offers one of our SLE opportunities

A student may not be a good fit if he/she:

  • Hates when others smile, wave “hello” and hold doors open
  • Despises the smell of chocolate
  • Dislikes seeing familiar faces

Share Your E-town Experience

Show others what it’s like to be a Blue Jay through your unique perspective as an E-town student. Give your support to the prospective students in your life who are searching to find their college fit. When you “hatch a Blue Jay,” you’ll help others experience our:

Warm Community

Remember the first time you toured campus? You were welcomed with smiles, a mini carrot cake and hopefully the smell of chocolate. You learned about the dozens of clubs and activities we have to offer on campus, and you just knew you’d fit right in. Help us embrace a new student into the community you now call home!

Personalized Education

At E-town, the focus is on you! From meeting your peer mentors to selecting your SLEs, your educational experience has always been the priority. Whether it was one of your peer mentors, a professor, a staff member or a friend, you probably had at least one individual on campus who helped guide you through your academic and professional aspirations. Allow others to experience E-town and give them the gift of mentorship.

Campus Traditions

The First-Year Walk, Marshmallow Game, Thanksgiving dinner, tree-lighting ceremony, homecoming weekend, TGIS… whatever your favorite may be, we have so many wonderful traditions to choose from on campus all year round! Show others the joy of building memories through these unforgettable traditions with their very own Blue Jay family.

Official & Unofficial Mottos

By your second week on campus, you probably knew these sayings by heart: “Educate for Service” and “Blue Jays Always.” Our E-town community and our academic programs prioritize serving others through acts of service and friendship. Embed these values into the lives of others, so they too can prepare to live purposeful lives in their communities.