The Rachel Jones Williams '06 Memorial Mosaic Scholars Award

Diversity is a very important part of our campus community. We understand the value of diverse perspectives, and we encourage discussion about issues of diversity on our campus. We are proud to give the Rachel Jones Williams '06 Memorial Mosaic Scholars Award (the Mosaic Award) to deserving students each year. This award is used to recognize students who showcase the importance of diversity through their words and actions.

What Is The Mosaic Award?

This diversity scholarship is offered to students who bring to Elizabethtown an important perspective on the many aspects of diversity, as demonstrated by their experiences and activities.This award embodies our commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse campus for all of our students.

What Is The Purpose Of The Mosaic Award?

The Mosaic Award is meant to reward students who share their passion for diversity in their lives.The hope and expectation is that Mosaic Award winners will continue to contribute to the fostering of Inclusive Excellence at Elizabethtown College.

Who Can Apply For This Scholarship?

All accepted students are considered for the Mosaic Award. There are no extra steps to apply for this diversity scholarship at our liberal arts school.

What Are The Characteristics of Mosaic Award Winners?

Unsurprisingly, there are no standard characteristics of our award winners. They come in all shapes and sizes from different backgrounds. Mosaic Award winners have a demonstrated a commitment to valuing and fostering the diversity reflected in their community and in the bigger world beyond. They have sought opportunities to both seek and provide perspective in conversations and activity related to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, gender, gender identity and expression, age, and national origin. Winners are chosen because they are predicted to become exemplary members of our student community.

Are There Requirements To Maintain This Award?

Elizabethtown expects Mosaic Award winners to continue to contribute to diversity discussions and related events during their time on campus. During their first year, Mosaic Award winners are required to meet twice per semester with a Mosaic Adviser to discuss their involvement and diversity related opportunities.

What Opportunities Are Associated With The Mosaic Award?

The advising meetings are designed to identify opportunities for sharing perspectives on issues of diversity and inclusive excellence, as well as encouraging involvement in leadership roles throughout the campus community. Although not required, we would like to know more about your accomplishments in these areas and encourage a written statement or interview. Learning about your diversity related actions allows us to share your achievements with our campus community. With this increased exposure, we hope to increase diversity-focused discussions, events and activities.

For more information about this scholarship for diversity, please contact the Office of Admission using the form below.

Find Out More About The Mosaic Scholars Program

We will be reviewing all submissions for eligibility beginning in January and continuing throughout the Spring semester.