A Commitment to Diversity

Embracing Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive excellence (IE) is the recognition that an institution’s success is dependent on how well it values, engages and includes the rich diversity of students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni constituents. It is a comprehensive approach that requires a fundamental transformation of the institution by infusing IE in every effort, aspect, and level of the college.

Inclusive excellence in higher education requires educators and campus administrators to ask whether underrepresented students are also underserved. A goal of IE is to ensure that all students are experiencing the most powerful and impactful forms of learning and whether they are” successfully achieving the knowledge, adaptive skills, and hands-on experiences that prepare them to apply their learning to new settings, emergent problems, and evolving roles”. (Committing to Equity and inclusive Excellence: A Campus Guide for Self-Study and Planning, AAC&U, 2015, p. 7)