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Department of Communications


Join an award-winning department, and prepare yourself for careers in traditional and emerging media, as well as public relations and marketing for an organization.

Department of Engineering and Physics

Engineering and Physics

Small in size, big on quality. Earn a degree accredited by the Engineering Commission of ABET in our state-of-the-art laboratories and research spaces.

Department of International Business

International Business

Gain the knowledge of global business and the understanding of various cultures and languages that are needed to succeed in today’s international marketplace.

Department of Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies

Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies

Three majors wrapped up in one department. Take advantage of our Pre-Law Advising Program, which prepares Political Science, Legal Studies and Philosophy students for entry into top law schools.

Explore the Core

No matter what your major is, the Core Program fosters intellectual growth.

Core Areas of Understanding

The Core Program at Elizabethtown College consists of eight areas of understanding (AU):

Power of Language-  emphasizes the use of the English language in logic, rhetoric, and persuasive communication. Students learn to articulate ideas and critically evaluate arguments. \

Creative Expression-  include analysis and interpretation of artistic works. Students focus on creation or performance within a particular artistic discipline.

Western Cultural Heritage- introduces students to Western culture and history through the critical analysis of significant human endeavors in Europe and the Americas.

Non-Western Cultural Heritage- introduces students to Non-Western culture and history through the critical analysis of significant human endeavors in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

Natural and Physical Sciences- explores the natural and physical world through discussion and discovery of major scientific concepts and theories. Students must complete two courses in different disciplines.

Humanities-  examines ethical and moral dilemmas, values, and choices from an analytical or critical perspective. Students are engaged in the decision-making process and consider the implications of their choices for self and society.

Social Sciences- observes and analyzes human behavior, ranging from the formation of the self and family structures to economic trends and the interactions of nations.

Mathematics- develops competency in quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Major and Minors at Elizabethtown College

50+ majors, 80+ minors & concentrations

Our core curriculum emphasizes creative thinking, decision–making and problem-solving skills.
About Elizabethtown College

About Elizabethtown College

Our commitment is to Educate for Service, discover how that has/and will continue to shape our history.
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At Elizabethtown College, your ideas matter. We encourage you to speak your mind and share your thoughts.
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Our students received about $26.2 million in institutional scholarships and grants during the 2010-2011 academic year.
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