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Irene Snyder '17

Growing up, I used to enjoy watching the news in the evening, hearing all of the segments regarding current events; however, I never had any experience working with television and was curious to learn more. --Irene Snyder

Irene Snyder was dazzled by reporters throughout her childhood. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school when she attended the Communication Department’s ComExperience event that she began to see her dream as a possible reality. In particular, Irene was eager to become a part of ECTV-40, a student-run organization that she is highly involved in today.

Irene Snyder

The Communications Department has helped her grow as a student and as a person. “Before becoming a Communications major here at Etown, I was very shy and quiet aside from interactions with my own family; I struggled while speaking to others. Since I began attending Elizabethtown, I have begun to communicate more openly; now I enjoy conversing with my peers and becoming involved in school activities,” Irene happily reports.

Irene’s resume sure does show that. She has joined numerous student-run organizations such as ECTV-40 as a news anchor and programming director. In spring 2014, she was a cohost on a television entertainment program called VIP. Also within the department, Irene is a student DJ for WWEC 88.3 and is employed as a Student Lab Assistant.

She is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society and works with Undergraduate Fellows in a Servant Leadership program on-campus. In the future, Irene wants to incorporate her Communications major and Sociology minor by reporting on human-interest stories. She further states, “I believe that each person has a story to tell and lives to touch, and I want to learn as many of them as possible while also spreading the word about those in need.”

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