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Lauren Stine '13

"When I met the English department’s professors, I thought, ‘these are my people.’ I love the fact that I can drop into any of their offices and they say ‘sit down, have some tea.’ It’s great that you have that accessibility to them."

lauren stine in front of palm treesWhen Lauren Stine, ‘13, scheduled to take a tour of Elizabethtown College, she was unaware that a day of rain and wind awaited her. Despite the “miserable” weather, Stine ultimately was swayed to attend E-town because of one specific experience while walking through campus.

“A defining moment for me was when I saw students walking, and I saw a professor stop in the middle of the campus and say, ‘Hey, let’s go grab coffee in the Blue Bean.’ And I thought, that is what I want,” Stine stated. “I didn’t get that at any other campus.”

Although Stine intended on becoming an international business major, she soon rearranged her academic agenda to major in English. To fulfill her original interest, she is also minoring in business.

Inspired by her current professors, Stine hopes to eventually earn a doctorate so that she may continue experiencing life on a college campus, but as a writing professor. “To me, you can do more with writing [than with business],” she said. “Writing is applicable in so many fields. I just think that writing is something people say is very valued but are still very poor [at]. I think that if you can make somebody a good writer, you give them a lot more of an advantage over another field.”

Stine’s internship at Historic Shady Lane, a wedding venue in York, Pa., gives her the chance to gain real-world experience in both writing and business, which will benefit her throughout her career. Her work with the company includes writing business-oriented documents as a part of the establishment’s official communication process.

Stine, who has participated in numerous clubs and organizations at the College, has also held leadership roles in the College Democrats and the Office of Residence Life. Her Honors in Discipline Project in creative writing, an assignment only given students who exceed the expectations within their major area of study, also demonstrates her drive to expand her knowledge outside of the everyday classroom.

--Profile by Jill Norris '14

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