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Act out in class! We encourage it.

Hands-on, interactive theatre classes held in the Black Box theatre get you out of your seat and on to the stage.

Join a department full of characters. And, occasionally, play one.

Audition for a part. Construct a set. Design a costume. Write a play. Surprise yourself! 

Dance: Elizabethtown in Motion

Learn ballet, jazz and modern dance. Join the dance team Emotion, the College's largest club.

After Graduation: Outcomes

Participating in theatre classes and productions is a great way to learn skills in communicating with others, analyzing texts and thinking creatively. Working on stage is excellent training for theatre careers in acting, directing and stage managing, as well as for jobs in film, television, public speaking, law, sales, public relations, arts administration and the ministry. And, working on theatre technology and design is a big boost to those interested in theatre design, interior design, art direction, architecture, art and computer-aided graphics.

In addition to pursuing professional employment in theatre performance and management, our alumni often pursue advanced degrees, such as a Master of Fine Arts from schools such as Ohio State University and Brandeis University.

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