Exchange 2010 Migration Announcement

Faculty, Staff and Students,

We are currently in the midst of an upgrade to our email system. We will be upgrading all mailboxes in the coming weeks to the newest version of Microsoft Exchange 2010. This upgrade brings many new benefits such as better message handling, a higher availability platform, and other features including better out-of-office and addressing improvements as well as improved mobile device integration.

Migration Timeframe

ITS will begin migrating all E-town mailboxes to the new system this next week. The copy process happens in the background so users will not see any interruption in email service.

We will begin mailbox migration with shared mailboxes first, then faculty, staff, and students in that order. Before your mailbox is moved, ITS will send a notification to you regarding more specifics.

What to Expect

Outlook users will notice better integration if you are running Office 2010; info tips show up regarding recipients’ out-of-office, number of recipients, and more, all before sending messages so you have a better idea of what to send or to whom. Outlook Web Access has improved dramatically; it now represents a more fully-featured web client that behaves more and more like the full desktop product, including an entirely new look.

Those with questions can email or call x3333.

Ron Heasley
Dir. of ITS