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HPL Etown and Lancaster Orthopedics

appointments & reservations

To best determine your path to better health & wellbeing, we would like to get to know you! Prior to performing any testing, an initial consultation is required.

You can choose to use our online scheduling system to set up a consultation, or you can call us directly!

Online Consultation Scheduling Guide:

  • Select Space to reserve: Consultation
  • Select desired timeslot
  • Select “Confirm”
  • To reschedule, view, edit your appointment you will need to create a user account for the system
  • Select “University SSO” if you are a faculty, staff, or student of Elizabethtown College
  • Select “Local Account” if you are a community member
  • If you do not have an account, you will need to create one
  • Select “Create an Account”
  • Fill in desired information and select “register”
  • You will need to confirm your email
  • Once confirmed, you can proceed to schedule the consultation.


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