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Assesments/Services Categories

Endurance & Fitness

Endurance & Fitness Assessments:
Endurance and fitness testing involves various assessments to evaluate an individual's cardiovascular capacity, endurance levels, and overall fitness.

  • VO2max — determine the size of aerobic engine (aerobic capacity)
  • Lactate Threshold — determine endurance training zones based on blood lactate accumulation
  • Running/Walking Gait Analysis — identify how to improve gait for performance and/or pain reduction
  • Sweat Assessment — determine sodium loss in sweat for a customized hydration plan
  • Cycling Specific Tests — Functional Threshold Power Test and other tests upon request

Metabolic & Body Composition

Metabolic & Body Composition Assessments:
Metabolic and body composition assessments focus on understanding an individual's metabolic rate and body composition. By combining the information obtained from resting metabolic rate and body composition assessments, individuals can gain insights into their Calorie requirements, metabolic health, and body composition. This knowledge can be used to develop effective strategies for weight management, nutrition planning, and optimizing overall health and fitness.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate — determine how many calories are burned at rest to better inform daily Calorie needs
  • Body Composition — measure fat and fat-free mass (muscle, bone, water)

Sports Performance

Sports Performance Assessments:
Sports performance assessments aim to evaluate an individual's physical abilities and attributes specific to sports performance. Sports performance assessments provide athletes and coaches with valuable information about an individual's capabilities and areas for improvement. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in acceleration, speed, agility, power, strength, and explosiveness, tailored training programs can be designed to enhance performance in specific sports or athletic endeavors.

  • Acceleration — laser timed 20yd split
  • Speed — laser timed 40yd dash and flying 10yd time
  • Agility — laser timed pro-agility and 3-cone drill
  • Power — force plate vertical jump
  • Strength — force plate isometric mid-thigh pull and isometric upper body push
  • Explosiveness — force plate drop jump and pogo jump


Nutrition Assessments:
Nutrition assessments encompass evaluations focused on optimizing nutrition for various purposes. By conducting nutrition assessments, individuals can gain insights into their specific nutritional needs and develop personalized plans to support their health, athletic performance, and endurance goals. These assessments take into account various factors such as body composition, energy expenditure, macronutrient requirements, and individual preferences to create a comprehensive approach to nutrition.

  • Nutrition for Health — weight loss, weight maintenance, blood sugar control, other nutrition related disease management
  • Nutrition for Sport — muscle building, improve performance, hydration plans
  • Nutrition for Endurance — marathons, triathlons, other endurance events

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Customizable Packages

We can tailor a custom fit assessment based on your needs!

Our packages include:

  • Personal Fitness
  • Weight Management
  • Sports Performance
  • Race Preparation
  • Return From Injury

Coaching a Student

Virtual Coaching

As we look at human performance as a continuous journey, we can provide individualized virtual coaching for both health, nutrition, and performance. Coaching is done by our certified strength & conditioning specialists and dietitian.

Outside of HPL

Team and Off-Site Rates

Team and off-site testing rates available upon request.

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