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Functional Movement

Assessing an individual’s functional movement capabilities generally serves as the first step towards enhancing their mobility and range of motion. This assessment typically involves having the individual move through a series of body weight positions (lunges, squats, etc). We can also assess an individual’s walking pattern (gait) using advanced wearable technology.


Body composition testing can be assessed in various ways. Within the HPL, we are able to assess using ISAK protocol skinfold calipers. This involves taking various measures from an individual’s body. This information can then identify lean mass, non-lean mass, and various other markers.

Metabolic testing

Metabolic testing involves measuring gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide) at rest and during exercise (commonly on a treadmill or exercise bike) to determine resting metabolic rate, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) and lactate threshold (an indicator of fatigue and decreased performance). This test is particularly aimed towards those training and involved with recreational or competitive activities.

Muscle strength and power

Muscle strength and power testing measures an individual’s short-burst muscle strength and power.  This identifies lower body power production. This assessment is particularly useful when returning from injury, as well as an indicator of potential concern for future injury.

Person on Treadmill

customizable packages

We can tailor a custom fit assessment based on your needs!


Our packages include:

  • Personal Fitness
  • Weight Management
  • Sports Performance
  • Race Preparation
  • Return From Injury

Coaching a Student

virtual coaching

As we look at human performance as a continuous journey, we can provide individualized virtual coaching based on an individual’s assessments. These programs are app based and written by our certified strength & conditioning specialists.

Outside of HPL

team and off-site rates

Team and off-site testing rates available upon request

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