Into the Streets

A Day of Community Engagement:

Into the Streets is a program designed to introduce more students to thoughtful community service and to provide a learning experience that will challenge them to volunteer on a regular basis. Into the Streets is about training large numbers of student leaders, forging powerful coalitions between diverse campus, community, and national organizations, and fostering a new purpose and insight in the college community service movement.

October 27, 2018

The History of Into the Streets

Into the Streets represents the collective vision of 77 students and representatives from national coalitions, non-profit institutions, local and national service agencies, universities, colleges, and student community service programs from across the country. The event attracts more than 500 students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members each year. These volunteers coordinate and help with more than 55 projects.

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Coordinator Positions for 2017

  • Co-Lead Into the Streets Coordinator- Abigail Sanders
  • Co-Lead Into the Streets Coordinator- Liuba Miranosava
  • Co-Fall Fest Coordinator- Sage Garvey
  • Co-Fall Fest Coordinator- Destiny Harbison
  • Marketing Coordinator- Bri Floystad
  • Raking & Winterizing Coordinator- Makayla Guzzo