Data Analytics Center

We provide:

Instruction for Students

Professional Development for Faculty

Internships Leading to Permanent Job Placement

Outreach to Regional Businesses and Organizations

Opportunities to Find Efficiencies and Cost Savings for the College

Continued Development of Long-term Corporate Partnerships


    Small Business Data Analysis and Recommendations The Center works with small firms to detect areas where operation efficiencies can be realized using data analytics.
    General Data Analysis and Recommendations The Center works with small and medium firms on specific projects to provide a singular solution to a specific problem that the firm has encountered.
    Enterprise Data Analysis with Model Applications & Recommendations The Center works with medium size firms and explores solutions that impact multiple areas across the enterprise.  The Center uses various models to determine the best solutions for the firm.
    Corporate Employee Training and Development The Center provides small and medium firms with employee training on the use of data analytic models and how to integrate their use into the business. Employees obtain training on how to clean data, select the proper model to analyze data, and make a managerial decision using the data.  The training is done in stages to adequately prepare the employees on how to properly utilize data analytics tools.

Data Analytics Minor

Data analytics is an interdisciplinary area of study which includes mathematics and statistics, computer science, and a field of application (e.g. business, biology, chemistry, political science, psychology, ...). The minor in data analytics is an excellent supplement for any major program, and since many of the courses are only two credits or count towards the Core, it is relatively easy to fit into almost any 4-year major program. Students will learn to manage data, program a computer in different languages, and apply statistical, data mining, and machine learning techniques to solve real world problems. A capstone project requires students to address a data analytic problem from problem statement and formulation to completion by reporting results to an appropriate professional audience.

Our Team

John Angelis

John Angelis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management, Business Department

Dr. Angelis previously worked for General Electric and the United States government. His research focuses on entrepreneurship and technology issues for small businesses and startups, and also studying the intersection of innovation (whether open or closed) and social networks. Dr. Angelis specializes in teaching courses in technology/innovation and operations management.

Dmitriy Krichevskiy

Dmitriy Krichevskiy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics, Business Department

Dr. Krichevskiy is a former research associate in the Lumina Project at Florida International University and was an engineering manager at Fontainebleau Hilton in Miami. His research specialty is econometrics.

Tim McDevitt

Tim McDevitt, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics, Math Department,
Co-Director of the Data Analytics Center

Dr. McDevitt is a professor of mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Elizabethtown College. He is an applied mathematician who previously worked for the U.S. Department of Defense with research interests including numerical analysis and cryptology.

Emma Neuhauser

Emma Neuhauser, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Finance, Business Department

Dr. Neuhauser’s research interests include corporate finance, corporate governance, financial engineering and securities, financial institution and markets, and investments. She has held a variety of positions at a number of institutions including Redback Networks Systems Canada Inc. and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. She brings with her experience as a quantitative research analyst, system verification engineer, business consultant, and project manager.

Sylvester Williams

Sylvester Williams, J.D., M.B.A., C.C.L.E.

Associate Professor of Business Law, Business Department,
Co-Director of the Data Analytics Center

Dr. Williams formerly worked as a legislative aide for the United States Senate Foreign Affairs Committee; the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; as a policy advisor for Vice President George Bush; for the State Department handling economic development issues in Latin America; for the Federal Communications Commission as a staff attorney; and for Time Warner. Most recently, he was COO/General Counsel for a start-up internet company in Philadelphia.

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