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Date Type Company Website/email Area Requirements Deadline
1/17/19 Internships - SU19 and FA19 La Torre Communications Marketing, PR, Business Juniors or Seniors 3/8/19
1/17/19 Internships - 2019 Clark Associates Supply Chain, Marketing, Accounting and more    
1/17/19 Internship - SU19 Paid McConkey Insurance & Benefits

Email resume to Jill Bernstein:


Accounting, Actuary, Data Analytics, Finance, Marketing  3.0 or higher Junior, Senior, Graduating May 2019-2021  
1/17/19 Marketing Internship - SP19 Keller Williams  Elite Email resume to Calvin Yoder:
12/19/18 Finance Internship IvyLine Capital Group, LLC Email Finance, Portfolio Mgmt, Business Analysis    
12/19/18 Accounting/Finance Associate Internship Merit website link Accounting and Finance Excel  
12/19/18 Phillies College Winter Summit Philadelphia Phillies website link      
12/18/18 Human Resources Internship - SP19 Phoenix Contact website link Human Resources and Communications 3.0 or higher GPA  
12/18/18 Global Marketing Operations Internship - SU19 Merck website link Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics, Social Media    
12/14/18 Internship - SP19 Phoenix Contact website link Ethernet Marketing 3.0 or higher GPA  
12/14/18 Internship - SP19 Phoenix Contact website link Accounting 3.0 or higher GPA  
12/14/18 Internship - SU19 Johnson & Johnson website link Supply Chain, Economics, Management, Marketing 3.0 or higher GPA  
12/5/18 Internship - SP19 WebpageFX website link Digital Marketing GPA above 3.4  
12/5/18 Internship - SU19 Foot Locker website link Portfolio Management Junior Analyst Junior or Senior or a Spring 2019 graduate  
12/5/18 Internship - SU19 Capital Blue Cross website link Various areas 3.2 or higher GPA  
11/29/18 Internship - SU19 AgChoice Farm Credit website link Marketing   12/21/18
11/29/18 Internship - SU19 TE Connectivity website link Data Science, Analytics, Engineering or similar degree GPA 3.0 or higher/graduating after Aug 2019  
11/29/18 Internship - SU19 Highmark Health website link Business, Finance, Accounting, Marketing    
11/21/18 Internship - Paid Duck Donuts website link Marketing, PR, Advertising    
11/21/18 Summer Games Internship program Booz Allen website link Business majors, Analytics   11/30/18
11/21/18  Asst Analyst for Health Analysis  Congressional Budget Office  website link Business majors     
11/21/18  Internship SU19 - Paid  Centene Corporation  website link Accounting     
11/14/18 Internship Arconic website link Marketing, Finance 3.0 GPA or higher  
11/14/18 Internship - SP19 Gift of Life Donor Program website link Marketing, PR, Communications Junior/Senior  
11/14/18 Internship DaBrian Marketing Group website link Marketing, Social Media Writing sample  
11/14/18 Internship - SU19 -Paid Clark Associates website link Accounting    
11/14/18 Internship - SU19 PACCAR website link Business, Management, Accounting    
 11/7/18 Internship -  SP19  WITF  website link Human Resources    
11/7/18 Internship - Paid - SP19 Clark Associates website link Business, Accounting    
11/7/18 Internship/Co-Op - SP19 BAE Systems website link Business Analytics    
11/7/18  Internship - SP19 Enterprise Holdings   website link Business, Management     
 10/31/18 Internship - Paid - SP19 Harrisburg Senators  website link Business Analytics    
10/31/18  Internship - Paid - SU19  The Hershey Company   website link Finance     
10/31/18  Internship - Paid - SU19  Foot Locker   website link Human Resources     
10/31/18 Internship - Paid - SU19 Listrak website link Client Services, Sales, HR, Project Mgmt    
10/30/18  Internship - Paid & Scholarship - SU19  Members 1st Federal Credit Union   website link Marketing, Accounting, Finance, HR and Business     
10/26/18 Job Hershey Bears Food & Beverage Team    
10/25/18 Internship - Paid Emerald Asset


Marketing   Immediate Opening
10/23/18 Internship - Paid - SP19 Hershey Entertainment & Resorts HR Intern    
10/23/18 Internship Paid - SP19 Hershey Entertainment &  Resorts Employee Support Intern    
10/10/18 Internship Paid - SP19 Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Sales Event    
10/10/18 Internship Paid BAE Systems Business Analytics Completed 90 credits with a GPA or 3.0 or higher