Major in Chemistry Secondary Education

Want to share your passion for the chemical world with high school students? As a Chemistry Secondary Education major at E-town, located in Pennsylvania, you will experience rigorous course work paired with independent research opportunities that will make you a valuable candidate in the job market. This concentration blends education and chemistry to prepare students for specialized positions in both areas of study. You will graduate from this program with extensive knowledge and with a degree in chemistry, as well as a Pennsylvania teaching certificate that allows you to teach in 45 other reciprocal states.

What types of classes will I take in the Chemistry Secondary Education program?

Our Chemistry Secondary Education program covers basic and advanced forms of chemistry combined with topics from math, physics and biology courses. Education courses also make up a large portion of the course requirements and provide our students with the theories and skills necessary for classroom management. Some of the courses required of this concentration include:

  • Laboratory Methods in Chemistry
  • Physical Inorganic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry I
  • Molecules, Cells and Animal Systems
  • Foundations of Teaching and Learning
  • Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

To meet the Education certification, students also must take additional English and math courses, as well as complete classroom observations and a student teaching semester. For a complete list of requirements and offered courses, view the catalog

How will a Chemistry Secondary Education degree prepare me for my future?

A degree in Chemistry Secondary Education provides you with all of the same career opportunities in the field of chemistry, with the additional ability to teach chemistry at the 7-12 grade levels. This concentration will challenge you to demonstrate the best classroom practices as well as your subject knowledge. You will learn how to integrate technology while learning about the various types of teaching methodology. To fulfill concentration requirements, you will be placed in secondary-level classrooms to practice the skills it takes to run a classroom of your own. This hands-on experience allows you to create lesson plans, learn from professionals in the field and gain confidence in the classroom.

In addition to experience in education, students have the chance to test their chemistry skills. More than one-third of our students participate in research, which helps to build their professional experiences. Many of our students also participate in one of our student organizations, such as the American Chemical Society, which offers professional and financial perks. The Chemistry Honor Society, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, is reserved for our most prestigious students. Those who maintain a GPA of 3.3 or higher in Chemistry are invited to join this honor society.