Program Equipment & Recommendations


The Computer Science Department is a member of Microsoft's DreamSpark for Academic Institutions. Through this program, the Computer Science department is allowed to give students access to many Microsoft software products including Windows 10 and Microsoft Visual Studio. Please see Dr. Leap for access to this software. 

Computer Recommendations

Although we don't recommend a specific brand or model for students, we do provide general guidelines in the hardware we believe is best suited for college work. These recommendations are based around the computers we are currently purchasing for the college. We also strongly recommend getting a three-to-four year on-site service warranty. ITS also recommends consulting Consumer Reports as it provides information on a variety of computer models. Elizabethtown College has purchasing arrangements with both Dell and Apple. You may purchase a computer at a small discount (5-8%) from these vendors by visiting this site.


Additional Purchasing Resources:

For additional questions regarding our campus network, cable, software or investments in other personal devices, see the ITS frequently asked questions guide.