Computer Specifications

When purchasing a new machine, it is important to consider the longevity of a computer.  Purchasing a good machine now means it is likely to last the four years you are at Elizabethtown College.  Buying a cheap machine means it is likely to need to be upgraded or replaced during that same time period.

Many times we are asked what machine to purchase.  Although we do not recommend a specific brand or model for students, we do provide general computer guidelines (Updated May 2018) in the hardware we believe are best suited for college work.  These recommendations are based around the computers we are currently purchasing for the college.  We also strongly recommend getting a 3-4 year on-site service warranty.

Information & Technology Services supports both Windows-based computers and Macintosh computers on campus.  The campus network is designed primarily around Windows computers and servers.  However, both platforms are tested regularly and are compatible with most systems on campus.

Additional details about computing on campus are available in the frequently asked questions document (Updated May 2018) and in the video below.  Additional questions may be directed to the Help Desk at 717-361-3333 or