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Elizabethtown College’s mission is to Educate for Service. The goal of the Science in Motion program is to provide partner schools with science resources, teaching support and professional development that are too costly for a single school district to finance alone. Etown  College is pleased to be part of Science in Motion. Our program focuses mainly in Berks, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and Schuylkill counties.It is another way that we can serve our community and help our partner schools by offering the very best science instruction. The Science in Motion program in housed within the College's Department of Education and is grant-funded through assistance from the College's Research and Planning Office. 


About Science in Motion

Science in Motion (SIM), part of the Department of Education, is about helping partner schools augment their science programs. By sharing and pooling resources, the EC-SIM delivers high-tech equipment to partner schools, offers the services of a Mobile Educator, provides a staffed preparation center and organizes a professional development program for teachers. 

Elizabethtown College Science in Motion provides:

SCIENCE EQUIPMENT that is financially beyond the reach of most school districts;

TEACHING SUPPORT through a mobile educator and a staffed preparation center;

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT to science teachers through a college network and necessary infrastructure for modern science training.