Major in History

The history faculty at Elizabethtown College teach courses covering numerous historical periods and global regions. In addition to regularly scheduled sections, we also offer independent studies and teach special topics that meet our students’ interests. With everything from recent U.S. history to the history of pre-modern Asia, students have ample opportunity to explore nearly every era of the human past.

A bachelor of arts in history prepares students for careers in teaching, government service, business and so many others, or for further study in graduate programs in history, law, museum studies, library science, theology, or related fields.

Why Study History?

History is a great option to pair with a double major or a minor. As a history major, you’ll have the opportunity to craft your course of study around topics that interest you, combining subjects to form a unique historical perspective. If you are considering a career as an attorney, you may want to double major in Legal Studies or join the Pre-Law Advising Program. Students interested in teaching should speak with the Education faculty to join their Social Studies Education major. History also pairs well with other areas of study such as Art, English, Business, or Political Science as second majors or minors.

As a history major I learned to communicate effectively, think critically, and conduct research – skills that I now use on a daily basis. My professors made learning exciting and they pushed me to look beyond my own opinions to consider other possibilities. As a result, I feel confident in my abilities and ready to excel.

Alyssa Vasaturo '14

Life After E-town

Gwen Fries

Gwen Fries ‘16

Editorial assistant, massachusetts historical society

The best thing about E-town is undoubtedly the faculty, especially the history professors. The size of the department allows you to form relationships with each of the professors. We really got to interact with them in class, and I knew their doors were always open to me. I probably doubled the amount of education I received just by how much time I spent in office hours. 


In the Department of History

Chelsea Schields

Chelsea Schields

assistant professor of history

Originally from Southern California, Chelsea Schields, the newest assistant professor of history, came to Elizabethtown from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned her doctoral degree from the City University of New York. Schields took interest in E-town after seeing the sports teams exit buses at Goucher. She also was impressed with the College’s small college atmosphere and extensive history and archives. Though she enjoyed teaching from day one, her love of history didn’t come as easily. Only after taking a college imperialism class did she learn “history isn’t just dates and facts, it’s explaining how things happen.”

As a history major in Pennsylvania, there is never any shortage of places to visit—sites where history was made. Our campus is located near Gettysburg and Washington D.C. and offers annual visits to historic sites and museums. Our professors use these resources to provide students context for their classroom learning and to deepen their skills through original research. 

Within the department, there are opportunities to intern at various historic sites and to present your research at professional conferences during your four years with us. Beyond the “local,” don’t forget to consider study abroad options. Our majors have benefitted from a semester or even a year of international study in locations such as England, Germany, China and Greece.

Interested in viewing some of the course options available to our students? Take a look at the History Major Requirements for more information.