History Department Opportunities

With the Department of History, there are many opportunities for you to get involved. Between history specific clubs, trips, and conferences, we can guarantee that there is an outlet for you to explore your interests and passions.

History Club

The History Club provides a social environment for students with a common interest in history. Both majors and non-majors are invited to participate in the club’s activities. Through various programs, such as movie nights, guest speakers, and field trips to historic sites and museums, the club complements the classroom experience.

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is the National Honor Society for students of history. The mission of Phi Alpha Theta is to promote the study of history through intellectual and social exchanges. Elizabethtown’s Omicron Pi Chapter sponsors student presenters at professional conferences each year. The chapter also hosts an annual banquet and induction ceremony.


After doing your original student research, there are plenty of opportunities to share your findings with others at professional conferences such as the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference. This annual forum is the perfect place to network with other students and present your research.

Introducing the Public Heritage Studies Certificate

Are you interested in museums, archives, or historic preservation? Then a certificate in Public Heritage Studies is a great option. Requiring 10 credits, all of which may be taken as 2-credit offerings, the certificate is available to students in any major. Culminating with an internship at a relevant historic site, a Public Heritage Studies Certificate lays the groundwork for advanced study and subsequent career opportunities in museum, archives, and historic preservation.

Short-Term and Long-Term Study Abroad

We encourage all students to take advantage of our study abroad opportunities, which include more than 50 locations around the world. Although not everyone can devote a semester or a year overseas, the Department of History, in addition to other departments on campus, offers a number of short-term study abroad opportunities – typically lasting two weeks.

In Dr. Kenley’s two-week study abroad trip to China, students have the chance to experience Chinese culture and visit many popular destinations such as the Great Wall. Others trips, such as ones to Prague and Geneva, are offered in cooperation with the Department of Business. Our on-campus study abroad office works with students interested in going abroad to coordinate classes, financial aid, and prepare for their departure and return.

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