Why Major in History?

The Department of History at Elizabethtown College is a welcoming and exciting place for you to major in History. Our professors are experts in their fields, presenting their research at conferences, publishing books, and editing national journals. They are excited to get to know you and your story. Much like the College as a whole, our small class sizes afford personal attention, meaningful interaction, and research opportunities that larger universities cannot provide.


Everything has a Story

Obtaining an undergraduate degree in the humanities can prepare you for a variety of career opportunities. When paired with a second major or minor, a world of opportunities opens up. That's why so many of our history majors choose to double major or minor in another academic area.

A degree in history can lead to careers in:



















Many Others

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No Boundaries

We also encourage our majors to study abroad for a semester—or even two. There are also a number of short-term study abroad opportunities available including three-week May term classes in countries like Ireland and Iceland.  World history comes to life when you spend time learning in China, Japan, Germany, or England to name a few possible destinations. Studying abroad allows you to discover history in a global context, while also experiencing a new culture.

Not Just When, but Why

With rigorous academic work and a variety of courses that will interest you, our history program in Pennsylvania provides endless opportunities to learn and grow. Our faculty focus on the development of critical thinking skills and stress history’s power to provide context for the world around us. Our aim is to ensure that our students develop the aptitude to interpret the present through an understanding of the past.

Study History in an Historical Area

Being a history major in Pennsylvania is an amazing opportunity! Located near Gettysburg and Washington, D.C., and in the heart of Lancaster County and the Amish Country, there are countless museums and historic sites to explore--from battlefields and monuments to relics of our nation’s industrial and agricultural heritage. Maybe you'll even intern at one of these sites or present your research on these subjects at a professional conference.

Historical Lancaster, Pa

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