Social Studies Education

About the Program

The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) defines social studies as “integrated study for civic competence” (2009). With its emphasis upon global citizenship and social justice, the Social Studies Education program at Elizabethtown College prepares students to teach courses in history, civics and government, geography, economics, and the social sciences for grades 7-12. A carefully designed curriculum which utilizes courses in the academic major, the Core program, and electives qualify students for secondary certification in the state of Pennsylvania. Students are additionally required to complete rigorous field placements throughout their four years in the major, culminating in their student teaching semester during senior year. These placements are designed to connect pedagogy and educational theory to established best practices in the classroom. For specific information on admission, progress, visit the education department website.

Program Coordinator, Dr. Rachel Finley-Bowman

Rachel Finley-Bowman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education at Elizabethtown College, with specialization in Social Studies Education. Her current research focuses upon the comparative role of citizenship education and its impact upon national identity, individual identity, and self-esteem in Northern Ireland and the United States. She has presented her scholarly work in several peer-reviewed publications and at various international, national, and regional conferences. She was named a Kappa Delta Pi Teacher of Honor in 2009 in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the profession of teaching. Dr. Finley-Bowman is actively involved in curriculum reform, course development, and outcomes assessment. She is a member of the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies. She previously served as Associate Professor of History, Chair of the Department of Secondary Education, and Co-Director of the Honors Program at Delaware Valley College.

Internships & Opportunities

  • Field placement experiences in top regional school districts, including Derry, Hempfield, Lower Dauphin, and Manheim Township, beginning in the freshmen year
  • Study abroad opportunities connected to social studies content classes, such as Australia, Belgium, Greece, and Northern Ireland
  • Preparation for graduate study in both educational pedagogy and/or social studies content
  • Opportunities to attend and present at professional conferences, including the Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies