Major in Mathematical Business

Mathematical Business is a relatively new interdisciplinary major, and we offer the only degree in mathematical business in Pennsylvania. Interdisciplinary simply means that the program includes classes from multiple departments to form a more complete view of a particular field. This particular major draws from the math, business, and computer science departments.

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Intended for students interested in using their mathematical talents in the business world, the mathematical business major is designed to lead to careers in any sector with a business aspect, which could include government, non-profit, or the commercial sectors.

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Some students may feel a greater connection to math than to business, but still wish to retain an element of business within their education. A major in mathematical business suits those students’ desires by allowing them to choose many of the courses that make up their major to customize how much of their education consists of math, business, and computer science.

Companies are increasingly looking for graduates with knowledge of business principles who also possess strong creative problem solving and application skills. Our program provides the necessary skills for our graduates to use mathematics to enhance business decision-making in a wide variety of areas. Students enjoy substantial instruction from faculty in both the math and business departments throughout their courses of study and they are encouraged to couple this major with a minor in Data Analytics.

Students complete foundational mathematics courses such as calculus, linear algebra, and statistics, and applied mathematics courses such as operations research, but forgo theoretical math courses in favor of courses in the computer science and business departments such as accounting, data analytics, economics, finance, information systems, marketing, management, and business law. Students can also tailor electives in the major to their particular mathematical, business, or computer science interests.

We encourage our students majoring in mathematical business to take advantage of our signature learning experiences, particularly internships and research. With foundational knowledge in both math and business principles, our students are uniquely positioned to take advantage of high-value internships in the local area, abroad, or in a major metropolitan area.