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Why Study Business at Etown?

Because here, every student matters. We celebrate your strengths. We care about your academic and career goals. In the Elizabethown College School of Business, you will learn to fly with confidence. We let you hold the steering wheel early and are there to catch you if you fall. We guarantee you will graduate in four years with the best business skills the market can afford.

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Do Good. Live Well.

At a time when business education often prioritizes hard skills, Elizabethtown College stands out by fostering soft skills such as empathy, self-awareness, and cross-cultural understanding, alongside ethics, through unique tools like the Myers-Briggs MBTI® Step II™ and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0® assessments. Our "Educate for Service" mission infuses every aspect of our program, extending learning beyond the classroom through clubs, international trips to places like Prague, Geneva, or Beijing, and proximity to vibrant American towns and major business hubs, enriching students' global perspective and interpersonal skills.

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Etown Business Students are Ahead of the Game

More than 95% of Etown graduates find a job in less than a year. That’s faster than the national average of 50%. In fact, many of our students receive job offers before they graduate! Companies that employ our students include:

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Many of our students continue their education at prestigious institutions around the world:

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Our students score better than 94% of thousands of other students who take the Major Field Test (MFT) across the country.

Meet the Dean

Dr. Najiba Benabess

Najiba Benabess is the Dean of the School of Business at Elizabethtown College. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and Master’s degree in Economics from Western Illinois University. Prior to Elizabethtown College, Dr. Benabess served as the Dean of the Tabor School of Business at Millikin University in Central Illinois for five years and as the Director of School of Business and Management in Norwich University in Central Vermont. Benabess has recieved the Academic Global Business Advancement’s Dean Of The Year award in 2021. In 2018, Dr. Benabess received the Fellow Award in AGBA’s 15th Annual World Congress that held at the National Institute of Development Administration in Bangkok Thailand, the highest honor bestowed to an academic scholar leader recognizing a person’s globally acclaimed professional accomplishments.

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