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Healthcare Administration

A Dedication to Health & Passion for Business

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program at Elizabethtown College offers students a comprehensive, business-based curriculum that incorporates essential concepts encountered in healthcare management. Students enrolled in the major will learn how to quickly respond to the needs of healthcare organizations while working closely with multidisciplinary healthcare teams to coordinate the delivery of healthcare services to the community.

Coursework emphasizes leadership development, strategic planning, marketing, finance, law, communication, and management principles necessary to adapt to changes in today’s dynamic healthcare sector. Prior to graduation students will have the opportunity to supplement their classroom-based learning with on-the-job experience through completion of a hospital, community, or private practice-based internship.

Course Catalog

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What Can I Do With a Degree in Healthcare Administration?

As the healthcare industry becomes increaslingly complex, the needs for skilled professionals in this field is growing rapidly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 32% job growth through 2030 and Medical and Health Services Managers entertain a median annual pay of over $104,000 per year.

The following are examples of careers for qualified healthcare aministration professionals along with median salaries:

  • Health Educator ($51K)
  • Health Promotion Specialist ($55K)
  • Healthcare Administrator ($72K)
  • Hospital Administrator ($84K)
  • Medical Office Administrator ($52K)
  • Nursing Home Administrator ($92K)


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An Encompassing Experience

Elizabethtown College's Healthcare Administration program is currently offered to first-year students and focuses on the practice of developing, managing, and administering the operations of complex health systems; including hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and insurance providers. Healthcare administrators may manage entire facilities or specific departments within a healthcare setting such as marketing or human resources. Graduates can also gain the skills to pursue a career in a specific clinical department, such as cardiology, infectious disease, or nursing.

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Discovery Across Disciplines

As an interdisciplinary major, Healthcare Administration offers courses across several academic areas including business, communications, and public and health policy. This versatile major offers graduate the opportunity to work in a healthcare agency, business or medical care setting, nursing home, or serve the community as a health educator or health advocate. Healthcare leaders also drive organizational missions, ensure regulatory compliance, influence public health policies, and implement staff training programs.

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, students will be able to integrate and apply knowledge of fundamental theories and principles in accounting, business, economics, finance, management, and marketing to healthcare delivery systems, demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively to multiple audiences in both written and oral forms, critically evaluate information to make sound business decisions using qualitative and quantitative methods, demonstrate comprehension of ethical, legal, and social business concepts in healthcare organizations and integrate diversity, culture, and community with local, national, and global healthcare trends to enhance business decision making.


Human Services Minor

Our Human Services minor is designed to provide students with an inter-disciplinary overview of social issues in the United States, including human development, multicultural knwoeldge and the development of U.S. social welfare institutions. Our Human Services minor provides an inter-disciplinary education that teaches students about social issues that they may encounter in their future careers and how to integrate this knowledge into their own profession to help address them. This minor enables our students to graduate fully prepared for a life of purposeful work.


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