Deadlines, Deactivation, & Reimbursements

Cycle Dates

The PCard cycle begins on the 28th and ends on the 27th of the month unless either date falls on a weekend or a Holiday.

Allocation Deadlines

Transactions must be allocated in ActivePay by the 10th of the month.

First & Second reminders will be sent regarding allocation deadlines. If transactions are not allocated by the dates specified, they will be charged to the default account number. These transactions can not be reallocated once transactions have been exported in ActivePay.

Statement Deadlines

Memo statements, department approvals, and receipts must be in the Purchasing Department by the last day of the month.
Statements not turned in can result in temporary card suspension until the proper paperwork is received.
Incomplete Statements will be returned to the cardholder.

• March 27th, Cycle ends.
• Allocation due April 10th.
• Statement and receipts due the last day of April.


Should PCard procedures not be followed, the PCard will be deactivated until the proper documentation/paperwork is received.  Deactivations are at the discretion of the PCard Administrator.

Reasons for deactivation include:
  • Transactions not allocated by the due date.
  • Monthly statements and receipts, with required signatures, not submitted by the due date.
  • Incomplete documentation not resubmitted by the due date.
  • Excessive use of the missing receipt form.
  • Use of the PCard for non-business items.

Allocations...............................Due the 10th of each month.
Transactions not allocated by the 10th will be unavailable for allocation change via the website or by request of a journal entry.
Statements & Support Documentation.......................Due the last day of the month.

NOTE: All delinquent cards will be suspended as of due date, for a minimum of 10 days, plus time delayed by sender, plus time allotted for review.

  • Statement documentation not received by due date WILL BE considered delinquent.
  • Delinquent accounts/cards will be suspended the day following the due date.(Per above: 30 days from close of cycle) for a minimum of 10 days, plus time required to complete review process.
  • Should a statement be missing between months (i.e.- Jan. and Mar. received but not Feb.) account will be suspended until missing statement is received and reviewed.
  • Upon suspension- Cardholder, Approver/Director/Department Head, and Allocator will be notified.


Using the PCard for personal items is not acceptable.  Should the card be used in error, cardholders are required to reimburse the college within 30 days of the charge.  If reimbursement is not made within those 30 days, the PCard will be permanently deactivated.  The cardholder will also relinquish all rights to obtain a new PCard, permanently.

  • Frequent personal use will lead to deactivation.
  • The PCard Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted with ALL PCard reimbursements.
  • Reimbursement Form