About the Office

Our Mission: The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is committed to providing an environment which affirms human differences and similarities.The mission is implemented through examining, recognizing, and promoting diversity related to national origin, religion, race /ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age and socioeconomic status. By working with students, faculty, staff and community, the ODI aims to promote a culture of inclusiveness throughout the campus of Elizabethtown College. Each year the Office sponsors and co-sponsors a number of educational, cultural, leadership,and social programs which help students of diverse backgrounds achieve their goals.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Programs - Inclusive Excellence Showcase
Throughout the year, the Office of Diversity (ODI) provides an opportunity for the campus community to participate in a number of educational and cultural events which showcase various cultural and ethnic groups. Events consist of a variety of films, speakers, performances, cultural awareness activities, inclusive excellence showcase and heritage month celebrations, and a Martin Luther King, Jr., commemoration.

Advocacy/ Support
Beyond providing advocacy and support to underrepresented students and student groups members of the staff serve as referral agents, referring students to other offices and departments when necessary, and act as an information resource for all offices and departments within the College regarding diversity, inclusion and multicultural issues.

Diversity Education
In striving to build a stronger E-town community, the ODI provides diversity education, and consultation to support students, faculty, staff, and academic units. As a resource to the campus the intent of this effort is to increase participant’s understanding of cultural competencies that contribute to achieving cultural objectives.

Student Leadership Development 
The Office works to strengthen leadership skills of up and coming students by sponsoring an annual Leadership Retreat. Many students wish to assume leadership roles in student organizations while attending Elizabethtown College.  This aspiration renders an opportunity to support students by helping to increase their leadership abilities. Student organizations are critical to creating vibrant and welcoming environments for new and incoming students. They serve as supportive networks and multicultural spaces by helping to create a sense of community on campus. In addition, students can learn professional skills, e.g. leading a group, critical thinking, organization, planning, fundraising, and the ability to collaborate with others. These skills all serve to prepare students for a world beyond the campus.

Cultural and Social Experiences 
Activities include field trips, conferences, and a participation in the Civil Rights/Interfaith trip in conjunction with the office of the Chaplain and Religious Life.

Strategic Planning
The Office supports the college in planning inclusive excellence initiatives.  The ODI provided leadership to the Diversity Task Force which produced the documented  Embracing Inclusive Excellence:  A Five-Year Plan for Strengthening Campus Diversity . The plan was approved by the Faculty Assembly and the Board of Trustees in 2009. Consultation and support to administrative units is available in addition to coordination and delivery of faculty and staff development workshops.