The People Connection - Human Resources

Elizabethtown College is a welcoming and engaging community of caring individuals who are passionate about our mission, “Educate for Service.” Human Resources proudly partners with the College in achieving its strategic goals and mission. We are dedicated to providing benefits, services, and programs to enhance the quality of life for our employees. It is our true commitment to provide proactive approaches that meet the human resources needs of a diverse college community.

Professional Development Hours for Staff and Administrators

Staff and administrators are allotted 10 hours per semester for professional development. The purpose of this benefit is to allow employees to attend campus events during the workday for professional and personal enrichment. Click here to learn more.

Paycheck Checkup

Due to the tax law changes that went into effect earlier this year, we are encouraging faculty, staff and student employees to complete a  paycheck checkup using the IRS online calculator. You will need your most recent pay statement and 2017 tax return to be able to use the online calculator.

If you have any questions, you can contact the HR/Payroll office at ext. 1213 or ext.1194. Please keep In mind we cannot give tax advice. Please contact your financial advisor or accountant for any questions relating to individual tax questions.

Time and Attendance   

Beginning December 18, 2018, all employee's will start using an updated Time Clock System. Below are the instructions on how to use the new systems. If you have any questions, please contact Payroll. 

Staff Time Clock Instructions

Student Time Clock Instructions

Supervisor Time card Review Instructions