HR and Payroll Staff

Meet the staff of the Human Resources and Payroll offices. 


Phone: (717) 361-1406

Fax: (717) 361-1313

Richelyn Penn Mekile

Director of Human Resources

Myer Administration, Room 2200

Provides leadership, oversight and “hands-on” support to all facets of the human resources dynamic including recruitment, on-boarding, employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefit design and administration, diversity awareness and support programs, employee training, organizational planning and development, policy and procedure formulation and implementation, sexual harassment/Title IX training and various supplemental programs to ensure compliance with Federal, State and local employment laws.  Richelyn can be reached at (717) 361-1395.

Rich Caloiero

Assistant Director of Human Resources

Myer Administration, Room 2200

Rich directs Human Resources programs and services.  He is responsible for training and development, EPA/safety and health, ergonomics, performance management, worker’s compensation, policies and procedures, HR/Payroll budget, employment surveys and ensures compliance with all Federal, state, and local employment laws.  Rich is also responsible for interpreting employment policies and procedures and will assist with handling employee complaints and grievances.  He can be reached at (717) 361-1109 if you need his assistance.

Joyce Marchese

Manager of Payroll

Myer Administration, Room 2200

Joyce's responsibilities cover all areas of processing both timely and accurate student and staff payrolls, complying with Federal, State and Local Tax ordinances and non –resident alien compliance. She is responsible for processing W-2s and reconciling, filing and remitting all payroll taxes. Joyce is very familiar with wage and salary laws and policies followed by the College. She also is responsible for processing all STAFF W-4, Direct Deposit Authorization, Local Income Tax and Local Services Tax forms and moving expense reimbursements. Joyce can be reached at (717) 361-1213 with any questions concerning payroll and these forms.

Brenda Spiker

Manager of Compensation and Benefits

Myer Administration, Room 2200

Brenda is responsible for the administration and payment of the College's benefits programs, such as medical, dental, life, and disability. She coordinates and tracks flexible spending accounts for employees, and she processes the necessary paperwork for employees at the time of their exit interview. Brenda has the massive task of benefit open enrollment each year, including benefit coordination for the College's retirees. She completes AAUP, CUPA, EEOC, IPEDS and Department of Labor surveys throughout the year as well as other random surveys as required. Brenda also has responsibility for new employee orientations, the processing of annual salary letters, and tracking TIAA deductions for employee retirement accounts. Brenda is excellent at answering your benefit questions and can be reached at (717) 361-1183.

Lori A. Bomboy

Employment Manager

Myer Administration, Room 2200

Lori provides oversight for the College’s recruitment/EEO and affirmative action programs, maintains appropriate records to ensure equity and consistency in both the employment search and hiring procedures, manages the new employee orientation and on-boarding activities. Lori also initiates all job postings, both internal and external, prepares appointment letters for new employees and provides support for the immigration and employment verification process.  In addition, Lori is actively engaged in the unemployment compensation process, updating job descriptions and providing  support for an extensive array of HR functions.  She can be reached at (717) 361-1118 if you need her assistance.

Kelly Cahill

HR/Payroll Assistant

Myer Administration, Room 2200

Kelly is responsible for the various facets of the non-exempt payroll administration and processing, including both staff and student employees.  In this role, Kelly works extensively within the Time and Attendance network, inputting data, reconciling entries and providing necessary oversight to the non-exempt payroll process.  Kelly also serves as a resource to the Manager of Payroll, providing support and collaboration with the overall payroll process.  Kelly is also responsible for assisting fellow Human Resource Professionals in a variety of projects and services as needed.  She can be reached at (717) 361-1194 if you need her assistance.